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Author Topic: My first impressions on the game regarding sound (and an offer to help)  (Read 4759 times)

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Hello all

First of all may I congratulate all of those who worked on putting this together. Seriously, it's great. I downloaded this game many months ago, got stuck setting it up and tonight, not being able to sleep, thought I'd spend some time getting it to work to make me nod off. Well worth it and now I'm not going to be able to sleep  :P

One thing that sucked however; the introduction to the campaign. It was just... text... that's all nice but still... boring! Unless I've got a dodgy copy or my sound drivers are broken...

I did notice that there was some discussion about voice acting happening around here, is that still on? I'd be most happy to, at the very least, do a voice over for the introduction so people don't skip it like I did (to my peril). I've got a very nice 'Educated British' accent that I think would work just fine and if anyone want's I'm OK to read the thing out and submit it just for the fun of it.

Back to the game ;-)

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Re: My first impressions on the game regarding sound (and an offer to help)
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2011, 12:36:49 am »
Sadly there wont be any (official) voice files ingame. The team discussed it a while back. But feel free to create a Mod if you want! Its a really easy thing if you want to edit the intro and outro sequence .ufos for adding sounds. If youre using 2.3.1, please download the 2.4 (nightly) snapshot build because we made some changes in the seq_intro.ufo