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Author Topic: RPM packaging: Language files does not load, fs_i18ndir is not set  (Read 2721 times)

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I am one of the maintainers of the Mandriva ufoai packages, and have discovered a problem with the latest stable, version 2.3.1. We have among others a patch that removes the that create the script, due to a few Mandriva policies regarding installed packages. One other reason being the shell script doesn't work if one does Not have the source dir, which those who install just the rpm's don't have anyway.. ;-)

When one starts the game, after having run make, make install etc. and does NOT run the game from the game directory (~/.ufoai/2.3.1/) or the source directory (eg: ~/download/games/ufoai-2.3.1-source/) or even remove the source directory after installin, the translation files are Not loaded. Not even the english translation is loaded. This results in NO text information on any items of any kind, like in-game e-mails, ufopedia, buy-sell screen etc. See screenshots.

However if the game is launched using this command "ufo +set fs_i18ndir /usr/share/locale" everything loads fine.
Meaning, the game does not honour the configure flag "--localedir=/usr/share/locale". It should be noted however that the language files do install into the correct directory. The game just seems to ignore them unless the above mentioned command line switch is used.

This is a huge anoyance for anyone who install the game using "make install" and needs to be fixed.
Relying on a shell script to cd into the game directory is not the correct way to do this, as it breaks packaging.

I have also submitted this to the bugtracker.