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Author Topic: Suggestion: Crew selection made easy  (Read 1951 times)

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Suggestion: Crew selection made easy
« on: March 27, 2011, 02:02:31 pm »
Hello all,

I'm playing UFO AI for quite some time now and stumbled upon some improvements that could be made. My major suggestion would be to simplify crew selection.

Current situation:
You have to select each and every soldier (for example) to view their stats and abilities. Mainly I spend about half a hour to select a crew that satisfy my needs and tactics.

Possibly improved situation:
Some kind of table in with every crew member is incorporated. Also in this table stats are implemented and other information about the crew member. In this case it would be easier to find a specific crew with a specific stat that would fit in your team. So no more scrolling and clicking every crew member, but just with a blink of a eye a full overview.

|Name......|Strength..|Speed....|Accuracy.|Mind..........| etc. (including weapon stats) ->
|Crew #1...| Mod. (17)|Good (30)|Mod. (17)|Good (30)     | etc. ->
|Crew #2...| Bad. (10)|Good (32)|Mod. (12)|Very Good (42)| etc. ->

I'm sorry if this suggestion has already been made. I've completely overlooked it, if this is the case.

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Re: Suggestion: Crew selection made easy
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 09:34:56 am »
nice idea in general, eventually improved by a sort function which moves wounded soldiers to the end of the list.
But in fact I don't think it will be *that* useful, because there is more you need for your decision:
- you select your best man in "heavy weapons" stat, but may be you don't have one ready/free
- same applies to ammo
- there's a lot of stats to consider, so the list will be way too large for one screen (and that's the main purpose, isn't it?)

I think, a (configurable) "auto-select and equip" would be more suitable especially for beginners...