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There is a new branch in the git repo called "makefile" - it would be nice to get some feedback about it. It's about a new build system with cross-compiling in mind. There is no need to run configure anymore and it does not base on autotools. It should currently work on linux, windows (mingw32) and macosx. you can crosscompile with mingw-cross-env from linux.

feedback and bugreports are very welcome, as it will "soon" replace the existing system when no critical bugreports were reported for some time.

Hello Mattn,

I just want to share my opinion regarding the topic to release the build without configure:

Autotools are very helpful to give the contributor a hint about things which are missing. In most projects some things changes in point of view to 3rd party tools and libs. If the wiki on this page for example is not current the contributor may will have no glue what has went wrong if build fails. This could be very frustrating when the build already took a long time.

In such cases the potential contributor will think: "eat my shorts" - if you understand what I mean.

I did not check it: Does your build system provides consistency checks for the 3rd party tools and libs?


--- Quote from: Mattn on September 24, 2010, 03:54:34 pm ---There is no need to run configure anymore

--- End quote ---
How to configure building and installation processes in this build system? Does it support for updating to don't recompile unchanged maps or you plan to add cache for maps?


--- Quote ---How to configure building and installation processes...
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It is merged on the master now. It anyway about code, not about maps. The map building do not change.

I am supposing this means that the Makefile file in trunk/ufoai is the new one.
Some dependencies (theora,xvid headers) are checked but they are non fatal, dont result in errors.  Thus upon resolving the missing headers problem, the check isnt reperformed. I am assuming here that theora is a necessary dependency for building because it fails without. I thus suggest to make the check fail for some dependencies.


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