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Author Topic: codeblock reports compiling errors.  (Read 3531 times)

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codeblock reports compiling errors.
« on: July 23, 2010, 08:25:58 pm »
dont know if this is the right area.  

I downloaded the stable 2.3 from your website. I realized having mouse "slow" in battlescape. and did not presereve option settings.

I decided to go ahead and updated the static with SVN 31050.  I downloaded and installed latest codeblock (with Mutton's MinGW).

Ran the compiler and choked on 6 undefined reference, mostly CHRSH_ group (chargetbody, chargethead, chargenabilityskills, isteabdefrobot).

I did a search for those references and found those in shared.h (header) and reading the function code.

Realized I am behind with your coding schemas, because was not online for more than 8 or so months.

so letting dev's know about the errors.

edit: I looked elsewhere in different topics and realized where my problem started.  2.3 revs had stopped at 299xx and spordiac after that  (currently 31041.) Sheesh.. now i have to delete the SVN file  and create two.. the 2.3 version and the 2.4 version.

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