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Author Topic: Resolution change causing monitor to go out of Range  (Read 1475 times)

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Resolution change causing monitor to go out of Range
« on: May 24, 2010, 03:28:17 am »
Any time I change my resolution in full screen mode, despite knowing for a fact my monitor can support the listed resolution, my monitor immediately goes out of range as though either the resolution of refresh rate were not supported. Thing is, Im not touching the refresh rate of the monitor, so that isnt a factor in the error. Simply put, my monitor can handle the resolution I am switching it to but for some reason, my monitor still goes out of range.

EDIT: Here is a DXDiag for your information.

EDIT 2: After playing with the options some more...I think it might be an issue with the vertex buffer. My window shrinks down to half its original size when I click on it to switch them on and Im no even trying to change my resolution when I do.
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