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q_shared.h & structs/enums - small question.


Is there a reason that we have alot of definitions in q_shared.h and some of them in the header file of the same name as the code (e.g cl_basemanagement.h, etc..) ?

Here's why i ask:
I have a definition of researchType_s and researchStatus_s in q_shared.h (I just put it next to the other definitions, so no real reason), but they would probably be better placed in cl_research.h. Are there any resons to not do this?



As the filename says, the qshared.h header contains definitions needed by (probably) all sourcefiles in the project.

If you need the funcs/structs etc only in cl_research.c then it would be better to use cl_research.h


That's what i suspected.
Will move it to cl_research.h, since i use this stuff only in research.

Thanks, Werner


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