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Author Topic: Geoscape strangeness (minor)  (Read 1425 times)

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Geoscape strangeness (minor)
« on: April 21, 2010, 09:04:29 am »
I installed the latest build by Destructavator yesterday and everything seems really peachy so far, but I did run across a minor strangeness with the geoscape.

If you repeatedly start a campaign, then exit, start again and so forth, after about five or six repetitions the geoscape goes haywire. It starts zooming in and out so fast that the geoscape looks like it's just flickering. Moving the geoscape stops this, but it was an interesting observation nonetheless.

I managed to replicate it just by repeating the procedure. On one occasion it also broke the zooming, so that instead of the smooth transition, zooming was step by step at set intervals. Restarting the entire game fixed that. There is nothing in the ufoconsole.log to indicate any of this.

In any case, this is at best a very minor issue that causes no problems and is easily worked around, but I figured I should report it just to be thorough.

Running Windows XP SP3 with Radeon HD4870 and the latest drivers.