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Author Topic: Geoscape Political Borders  (Read 3031 times)

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Geoscape Political Borders
« on: February 16, 2010, 03:45:06 pm »
This might be the wrong place to put this, but since it is a somewhat vaguely map-related topic:

I was taking a look at the countries' borders on the Geoscape recently, and I noticed a few things in particular that stand out as being a little odd about some of the choices as to why certain "modern-day" countries are lumped with the major powers that they are in the game.  I was able to rationalize a few of them away by drawing out some things from current events (I'm a bit of a history nut; I'm working on a history major in college), but there's still a few that bug me:

1.  Probably the most egregious:  Why is Malaysia split between Asia and Oceania, and particularly why in that particular way?  As it is, the mainland / peninsula is owned by Oceania, while the Borneo territory is owned by the Asian Republic.  One would think that the country would commit to one or the other as a whole, or if it did split it would be the other way around (especially since Oceania already controls Indonesia, which includes the rest of Borneo, while Asia controls the Thai half of the peninsula).

2.  Why is Cyprus part of the Middle Eastern Alliance when both Turkey and Greece are GEU members?  Both nations have heavily influenced the country (usually each playing against the other), and the population is predominantly Greek-speaking and Orthodox Christian, with a sizable Turkish Sunni minority.

3.  Regarding current CIS members as part of the Middle Eastern Alliance:  The Stans (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.) I can see as being pretty reasonable since they're all Muslim-majority nations (though I can't imagine Russia giving up its influence over them without a fight, or at least a lot of arm-twisting).  However, I'm particularly bothered by the cases of Georgia and Armenia, since again they're heavily Orthodox nations that have traditionally been under Russia's sphere of influence.  (Actually, I can see either or both as members of the GEU as well, though again I'm sure Russia wouldn't appreciate that very much.)

4.  Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria are part of New Africa as it stands now.  I'd have been more likely to lump them in with the Middle East, to be honest (again, due to traditional and demographic links).

I'm not saying that these are necessarily high-priority, nor am I demanding that they be changed right away.  However, I would like to know what the logic behind some of them is.  

I apologize if I seem to be nitpicking too much; I like delving into the background of games I'm interested in, not just playing them :)
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Re: Geoscape Political Borders
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 10:09:13 am »
I fully agree with the above-said.
And why Ukraine is divided between the two countries? :-[ :-\

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Re: Geoscape Political Borders
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2010, 01:15:33 pm »
None of those oddities are conscious choices made by the devs; they're just how the map painting turned out. If you'd like to rejigger things, then you're welcome to do so as far as I'm concerned.