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Author Topic: 2.2.1 Questions  (Read 5024 times)

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Re: 2.2.1 Questions
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2010, 12:10:03 am »
So I've been reading the wiki and looking for some information to help me understand the game for the past two days now and there are still some things I want to ask.  I am still very newbie to the game so please try to explain why.

1) IR Goggles-  From what I've read, to use them in 2.2.1 you basically have to use it in your hand like other things but do the goggles affect my accuracy or anything if I wear them as a headgear?

2) For Assault Weapons which is the better overall?  Bolter, Laser, or Particle (Or should particle be used as a sniper?)  (Please explain why)

3) For a regular base (not specialize in any way like production/research/etc) what is a good build and how many worker should I have.  Or instead tell me what is a good build for a regular base like how many of each building. 

4) If I don't tell my workshop to build anything manually will anything be still built?

5) I've read on the wiki about laser defence I think, do I have to wait for a proposal to get that cause currently my defence only shoots missile. (Although that's what I'm guessing from reading I haven't tested it yet)

For now this is all I have to ask.  Thank You

Wow, lots of questions all at once. Have you fond your answers yet?  I can help with a couple.

1) IR goggles shouldn't effect accuracy when worn on head, just take fewer TU to utilize than when in pack and saves room in pack.

2) I prefer laser for accuracy, weight and ammo, but that might also just be the way I paired them up with my troopers' stats.

3) Early bases get one of each with a couple of living quarters and storage.  Later bases tend to get more of the advanced buildings like alien containment.

4) You can queue items to be built automatically, but you do have to provide the initial input.

5) And yeah, laser defence is inactive thus far.

All of this is so unless I am wrong!.. then, it is not so.

Have fun!