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if you are a java programmer and want to contribute to our little nice project - now you have the chance. We could really need an eclipse plugin that is able to read our UFO-scripts. The first step would be an outline, that would already help a lot to navigate in the scripts. The next step would be syntax error checks. The last big step would be searching for references or completion help.

If you are interested in helping out with writing an eclipse editor plugin, please let me know.

Might be interesting:

I've written in Java before - I took a class for it a while back, and used a freeware IDE called JCreator - but it was a couple years ago since I've touched it.  I've got other things to work on at the moment though, so you might be able to consider me a backup if no one else is available for the job.

I'm honestly not familiar with what eclipse is or much about it, I'll have to Google it later at some point...

Ah! It's an open-source IDE - Sometime soon I'll download a copy and compare it with C::B.

One problem is "our UFO-scripts" have not a real syntax consistency. Common code for script only provide a low level of lexer, but each part of the code use the syntax it want. Then, for the syntax coloring, i think it need to implement something very generic (something we can update if it is need). Anyway, even a low level of coloring will be very usefull.

Ain Soph Aur:
i am programming in java and working with eclipse right now. so maybe i could help. but one thing is that i never wrote a plugin for eclipse, so i absolutely dont know how to do that at this time and the second thing is, i am studying right now and my tests will come at the end of january.

so i could maybe look into that but not before the tests are over... if you can wait that long, i could look into that


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