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Author Topic: (Links) Doxygen-made docs for the source  (Read 2667 times)

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(Links) Doxygen-made docs for the source
« on: August 17, 2009, 03:24:54 am »
Much like the forum threads for Windows binary installers, I'll occasionally upload and link to docs for the game source code here, generated by doxygen.  As before with the installers, anyone else who wants to may also do the same in this thread.

The HTML .zip package is for any platform, just open "index.html" wherever you un-zip the files (preferably in a separate folder, as the HTML package has lots of files.)

Windows users may find it easier to use the CHM file in the other download offered here, as it is just a help file with the same information (you don't need both downloads) and Windows users shouldn't need any special software to open them, just double-click on the file.  Other platforms might need a special third-party viewer to open the CHM, or you can just use the HTML version.

The number after "r" is the SVN revision number, higher is of course more recent and up-to-date.

Anyone may also post here if a download doesn't work for some reason.

Edit:  These files are not required to simply play the game, for trying the game just grab an installer (from other forum threads, or the older official ones from sourceforge).  Also for those who don't know what these files are or how they work after opening them, if these docs are not within your understanding you should probably look up programming basics or get a beginner's programming book, and start with something simpler, such as "hello world."

Finally, these downloads are under ~20 MB, much smaller than the installers for the game.

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