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Author Topic: 2.3 R25186 - problem on textures or light/shadow effects...  (Read 2938 times)


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i am having a problem on the dev version, the objects textures are 100% messed up when in combat...these include anything and everything exept for the PHALANX dropship and ALL the characters and itens(PHALANX, ALIEN and CIVILIAN characters and itens)...all other textures are messed most times (including harvesters, both crashed or landed)

mostly, the textures have horizontal black-color strings all i think it maybe related to dinamic-light and shadows...

nothing i have done managed to fix the problem...with includes:
game settings related to video effects
game settings related to screen resolution
videocard driver update
videocard settings
videocard bios
loads of other things

however, changing the scroll(slide) based configurations in the game (lightmap scale, brightness, ...) seems to affect the problem...still, i couldnt find any combination that gets close to a fix...check/uncheck the "check-box" based configurations DOES NOT affected the results and didnt help...

my specs:
OS: Windows xp (professional edition) sp3 32-bit
videocard: ATI Radeon X1650
motherboard: asus p5???-se (not 100% sure if thats the name...its p5(something)-se for sure)
prossessor: dualcore 2.40 GHz
ram: 2 gb

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Re: Geoscape in any maps is total messed up...
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2009, 09:15:59 pm »
Try the Texture compression and GLSL Shader options.



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Re: Geoscape in any maps is total messed up...
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Try the Texture compression and GLSL Shader options.


dosent work...still screwed up...

EDIT: but a maxed out buffer option plus disabling all catalyst options did the trick...
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