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Author Topic: More ideas/constructive critics to the game :)  (Read 2495 times)

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More ideas/constructive critics to the game :)
« on: June 26, 2009, 08:19:20 pm »
Hi! First i would like to say thank you to the people who is making the game! :-) We should be thankful for all the work and time lost with such project. Its an amazing game, even not being complety ready.

Now, what i am going to say are just some constructive tips. I think the game is great, so dont see my tips/negative toughts on the game as a bad thing. Instead, think it more like this: you have a diamond (the game) that is great, and my ideas are just to increase the beauty of the diamond and remove some small things that may make it a little less beautiful. :D
btw, dont look to my english...its awful lol, i dont speak english as my mother tongue
My ideas (random) to the game:
a) There should be more variety of missions. I dont know exactly what but there could be something...For example, the Squad is called to protect something important and they must still inside of a building for X turns, against hords of bad guys; maybe find and object and take it safely again to the ship; etc...i think that this point for itself could give a topic. I am also aware that making different typesof missions its really a hard work.
b) Air missions are not so funny as in Xcom. We just send the ship and do nothing. We cant even choose the attack and barely see whats happening. There should be something that would me make such missions more funny.
c) Air missions are hard: maybe its me, i dont know, but my stilletos, 2 of them equipped with armour, computers, etc, only very rarely will defeat a fighter or an harvester. They can only beat scouts.
d) Sarracen should be the old interceptor. From what i read or understand, stilletos are better  than Sarracen. They are just worst on fuel, covered distance and speed, but in what refers to be engaged in combat, Sarracen is weaker. I think it shouldnt be like that. Sarracen is already more expensive, and as that look of something great...
e) transfers are not working properly. I do some transfers sometimes and sometimes the "stuff" (scientists, soldiers, guns) are lost dont know why or how.
f) never saw attacks on my base
g) Some missions could have huge scenarios and scenarios with a more urban feeling. I played in a New Yok scenario and hnestly i didnt get the feeling of being in a big city. Wild scenarios could have more tall trees. Also, i remember in xcom there were some nice vegetation like fields of corn.
h) Scrolling down some menus does not work, when i do that (in the bar to the right, on ufopedia) it wil get out of the menu.
i) medium armour is not working. I have the nanoarmour but after reasearch on medium i dont have it :( what am i missing?? Other stuff is not working: ranks, nightgoogles...etc I would add also something: expecting too much for doing a mission could result on bad things, in order to avoid something i sue to do: wait for daytime before starting a mission :D
j) Grenades could have a bigger radius of explosion. I barely use them, they are not useful. Some other guns are not useful too, like knifes. There could be some better use for them. MAybe huge scenarios and more bad guys on it (or maybe some kind of missions, like i said before, where there should be more bad guys) would resolve the problem: after getting without ammo, you should be using the last resort: knifes and pistols! Also, an huge scenario dont need to be necessary huge in lenght but in high...why not playing in a big old temple or in skyscraper.
k) the medkit should have a nice interface like in xcom, where you could choose what to heal. Btw, there could be different areas of wounds: a wound in the legs: less time units/speed; wound in arm: less accuracy, etc;
l) i am still playing but i would like to ask if there are tanks...btw, why not doing some robots or even some dogs? lol
m) in some scenrarios there are militars, shy not making them more active and using guns?
n) could be possible to make a sky? Like in Sims2 game: the vision/cameras are like in Ufo Ai and there i think there is sky. It would give a great feeling. During night one should see the moon sometimes, or clouds, etc
o) Night missions are not funny, too much darkness and nothing to "fight" that. Why not making some areas with better light (for example, lamps in a house, etc). Why not making some light beams attached to some weapons? And there should be a drawback: with a light on the gum you would see better but also aliens would see you too...
p) Is there any option to see weather? I think i have that option activated but never saw rainning...
q) i know i am saying too much and thing very hard to implement, but here goes one more lol: people should scream! Also, it should be possible to interact with them in some way. For example, while near some people, one should be able to give it an order: go to some place, kneel and such basic stuff. It would be more like in real life where swat or police interact and you could have the possibility to save more people. Als, it would give more strategic thinking to the game and make you more responsible for the safety of citizens.
r) Is it me or i never hear footsteps? Some more basic sounds like wind, footsteps of souldiers, horrible sound from aliens, etc would make things more creeping.
s) Menus on Xcom were more funny and interesting, dont ask me why...i think was more easy to work with such menus.
t) in some missions there should be the option of starting with all of your squad in the ship, like in xcom

I know that this is lot of stuff, but are just some random toughts. Maybe you can use 1-2 ideas from list to improve things in the game. I dont expect to see everything solved. And i know that some ideas i gave are hard to improve! Also, dont be thinking things like "So many ideas means that the game is bad!"! no!, read my analogy with diamonds lol and remember that i know that the game is terrific! In fact it gives me a good sense of being in a swat-like squad. Its a very nice game with lots of great things. Keep the nice work!

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Re: More ideas/constructive critics to the game :)
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2009, 08:49:40 pm »
To answer somethings:

First off, the game is very much a work in progress, and many things you've requested are being worked on.

j) On knives and stuff, they're meant to be ineffective, forcing you to research better equipment.

l) Those are being worked one.

m) That is being worked on as part of a overhaul of how civilians work.

o) That does sound good. IR goggles are there, but not fully implemented. But even today soldiers use IR instead of flashlights, for exactly the reason you mentioned.

p) That's... I think almost ready.

q) see m.

r) for me, it seems like those sounds work 'whenever the game bloody feels like it'

t) that would be helpful. I hate how I always wind up with exactly the troopers i don't want closest to the enemy right next to them at mission start.

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Re: More ideas/constructive critics to the game :)
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2009, 10:31:41 pm »
That thing about civilians is good to know :)
What about weather? Just some Prop/animations or will affect ingame play (like rain wil make everybody loose some % of accuracy)?

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Re: More ideas/constructive critics to the game :)
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2009, 12:01:22 am »
@cpsogoj: First you should try the current development snapshot (you can find win installer in sticky topic / Windows category). Some of the issues you mentioned are fixed/done already (e,f,h for example). There are still many unfinished features (tanks, ir googles, smoke grenades and so) we're working on them (or will work on them once :) ).
We have screams and footsteps too, in some places (other places may need footstep sounds).