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Author Topic: Aerial combat  (Read 3607 times)

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Aerial combat
« on: May 03, 2009, 02:49:38 am »
The other topic fairly old for this so so I wanted to update it

I love the description of the Stiletto,
it reminds me of Starfurys from Babylon  5, the attributes suits the name as well small nimble deadly short range fragile as well

Despite their coolness it does not match up for me in live combat
I’m heavily in favour for using Saracen's during my games due to a number of facts

Too many fast ufos or ufos at long range are unable to be intercepted by Stiletto

I like to have 3 to launch Saracen's
Bait interceptor:  As long as I have two Saracens
one of them will be equipped with 2 ecm jammers poly armour and maybe 2 basic cannons to deal with retreating ufos

Put in basic terms too often I find Stiletto’s cant do their job being too slow or too short range or getting shot down

The Bait Saracen will be launched first acting as bait, maneuvering along the parallel once in range of the ufo to avoid weapons fire

The others Saracens are usually equipped with 2 missle racks with targeting computers
This is a simple equation: Missles although not cheap are cheaper than a Stiletto
And far cheaper than a Saracen

The less time in combat the better

I haven’t really used rocket pods can some one who has please comment
These would slow down the Attack Saracen’s to roughly the same speed as the bait
Meaning it does not have to be lauched as early
they would still have enough speed to catch ufos

I didn't get to use laser cannons or beam weapon
how do these comapre to range and effectiveness of standard weps

Although costly with this config I have the ability to successfully attack most ufos detected
And I rarely lose aircraft , Its too bad my pilots don’t actually gain experience

In defence of  Stiletto’s
a ufo coming near the  base can be fought with them but I prefer not to rely on this

I heard people giving praise to the Missile Battery I have not tried this myself but until Batlleships and crusiers show up to attack my base I can see the advantages.
Saves on money for replacement aircraft and expended missle racks as well

I'd love to actually control the dogfighting, too bad x-com inceptor sucked soo much

On a side note my dropship has the standard fuel pods, it needs it

I do try to have a second dropship at my second base once money affords. This is equipped with the more rookie squad who attack easier targets until they have some experience

Until I have a second dropship with my Saracen’s and a second base with detection its not unusual for my drop to fly around the world to get to a crash site. It takes a long time to refuel after this. And if there are multiple sites it’s a problem

the new sam sites and radar sites sound cool
putting 4 radar (with two sams for protect and attack)in diamond formation spaced a fair way apart in a country could save you from needing a base there

Like to say thanks for the great game. I've been playing UFO: Extraterrestrials as well
It seems to lack the humanity, spirit and terrible struggle that is AI
e.g. can save during combat, aircraft dont really get shot down until latter,

Comparison of research Research topics
ET= Here is the topic research if you want to
AI=Commander, my department is ready to begin studying the recovered alien plasma rifle. This is a highly dangerous and versatile weapon, vastly outstripping the plasma pistol in range and power; something we should try to put into the hands of our own soldiers ASAP. Please approve lab time and funding as soon as our schedule permits.

--Cdr. Navarre

...See the difference

I plan on getting Afterlight it sounds good will it match up to AI?
Well see
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