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Author Topic: Request: Improve alien armour Version 2.3 090116  (Read 1240 times)


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Request: Improve alien armour Version 2.3 090116
« on: January 16, 2009, 11:30:32 am »

i just tried a patched alien armour.

I increased the light_armour to be on par with the human nanocomposite armour, the medium armour with the human power armour.

The reasons:

1. I thought the aliens are most often killed to easily, even on hard (Version 2.3 current build from svn 15.1.2009) Main weapons: Bolter and coilgun

2. On the tech tree the nanocomposite armour is derived from the light alien armour. It felt appropiate that the alien armour is a bit more advanced as the 'copied' human one. So my intention was to start with the combat armour advance through the alien_light_armour to the nanocomposite and further with the medium armour to the human power armour, which is on the alien site countered by some alien power armour which can not be copied by human engineers (so far not in the game).

3. I think its not that believable that aliens will have no protection against ballistic damage or fire. You can always invent a story to make it plausible but i have a hard time to believe that an alien socity which has mastered starflight antimatter and particle beams has no ballistic protection gear (even if its only a spacesuite which protects against micro meteorits).

The patch is quite easy ... i just renamed the original ones to org_xxx and commented them out. File is attached (had some trouble with this, so now it's a .txt file).

Feel free for discussion !

Regards, Stefan

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Re: Request: Improve alien armour Version 2.3 090116
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2009, 02:45:00 pm »
Armour and weaponry are nowhere near balanced well, so the values will have to change anyway. I agree that stuff dies too fast (on both sides). We're aiming to have a wound system close to the one in X-COM, and you simply need to be able to take a few hits for that to be meaningful. One way to do it is by adjusting the armour, but another way is by toning down the weapons.

One more thing though - we'll be having racial armour for actors (though not for 2.3) that adds an additional layer of armour depending on what race the actor is.