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Author Topic: Problems found in Windows 2.3 build (21433) - Mode of Fire for Reaction Fire  (Read 2004 times)


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Okie, me on WIN XP SP3, fully patched, laptop (good enough specs), R21433.

I also tried to enable different mode of fires for reaction fire (by clicking on the weapon's menu, and selecting that DOT button) but it did not work.

Eg, Assault Rifle has a couple of modes - snap, aimed, burst, sniper.

I tried to enable burst (3 round or auto) but it simply remained in snap.

If u need screenshots, let me know. :)

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Yeah, it's broken. Have a look at the bug tracker and if it hasn't been reported it, report it.

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well, the reaction fire interface, along with different parts of the inventory get broken and unbroken every other weak, it's hardly worth to bother with anymore.


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DuKe2112 and BTAxis,

Nods. Thanks alot for the info!

I take note of that for now. Yupz, let em squash the beetles and ignore my flies for now. lol.