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Author Topic: System requirements, download size & documentation link at download page  (Read 2920 times)


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I suggest to list the system requirements, download size and a link to the documentation at the download webpages.

UFOAI was mentioned on a top 100 downloads page somewhere, so I clicked for the download page.
No system requirements or download size mentioned at that point.
Download size was discovered while downloading.
Installing took also some time.
Starting the program an error message that no video accelerator was found.
Checked the download page. No system reqs mentioned nor a documentation link.
Checked start menu, a link not working.
Checked the program files folder.
Found a pdf manual.
System requirements in the index, but the page showed x's instead of numbers.
Found the correct link in the program files folder to this site.
The page with the entry "System requirements" didnt mention video accelerator.
Finally I found "Running the game" mentioning the video accelerator requirement.
I deinstalled feeling frustrated.

I bet the game is fun.
Without a 3d accelerator and information on the obvious places, there is another experience.
Hence my suggestion.

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I think the reason that there is not one at the moment is that the developers would prefer to spend the time adding features and debugging. Also, individuals generally only have a limited set of hardware available.

I guess we could write a "without these it will not work" list: 3D accelerated graphics card, min memory etc.

The problem is we have no system enabling us to write a "with these we guarantee it will work" list. A lot of people have downloaded it and tried it. i guess if we got feedback and set up a database, we could do it. but frankly, i would rather spend my time improving the game.

any volunteers to to create a system requirements list?


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I checked my laptop's hardware and discovered to have a hardware accelerator: ati radeon xpress 1100.
I found out that I had to set color to 16 bit in stead of 32 to get the game running.

Give me access permit to alter the download page and I will mention the graphics accelerator info, download size for version 2.2.1, and the link to the documentation. Doesn't seem too hard for me to do.

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I thought you must have some old hardware. most laptops have had accelerators for the last 5 years.


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Re: System requirements, download size & documentation link at download page
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Well someone already did checked minimal requirements for ufo:ai
bravoo to him and here you go:
CPU: 500MHz
RAM: 128MB
Video Card: 32MB (must have 3D acceleration)
don't  get confused by linux version, because the same goes for windows (without libs i guess  ;) )

And so... If these are already done - why not place them in download or about section ;D

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