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Author Topic: Concerns in general  (Read 2014 times)

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Concerns in general
« on: October 11, 2008, 07:27:33 am »
I'm very excited for this game i hope it takes the right direction.

I played the shite out of the original UFO, intensely for days and days, theres a few fundamental things missing. For one, there is no real ending mission or point like the original, my game suddenly ended in 85 when i had like 90 mill and 6 bases, and 4% alien infestation. Also there is issues like you cant chose which alien hanger is the primary hanger to store newfound Ufo's nor can you look into your alien hanger to see its content, not Being able to manufacture PA clips is gay, have alien Bases like in the original and alien construction as research, then when an alien construction ship is looted manufacture methods and equipment can become available.. OH yea alien bases. NEED. more types of ships. diffrent types of base defences, grav shield mind shield plasma fusion defences, Laser sniper rifle ?

The single biggest flaws the new version have are, the terrain cannot be broken appart, or dammaged, comeoen the original game had that, Huge step back, fundimental fusion weapons missing to blow the entire base to shreds, blow farm house completly gone. smoke has no effect, Cant save in battle, for those who don't want to the answer is don't. personally i don't like to but in base invasions sometimes its nice. I didn't appear to be invaded ever in my game either. When Ur interceptor reaches enemy ship range another window should pop up like the original about the battle. need more graphs in globe mode. copy the original more and stop comping Halo... halo sucks bad and is no way related to the game. the Alien's in halo are silly and lame just like halo itself halo has a bad story copy the original races from the game, or invent good ones. No tanks. No alien tanks. 2 races ... common. I'm sure u guys can figure out how to make buildings collapse or just leave it haggard like the original. Flying aliens ...? Flying? Blasting holes in walls for better entrances is a must have, Must.
increase grenade distance. High explosives? blaster bombs Etc.

Thank you guys for Creating this uber new game dont give up or stop and dont let us all down, loose the halo stuff and make breakable terrain.

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Re: Concerns in general
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2008, 07:45:09 am »
most of your first paragraph is covered by the todo list.

for pity's sake shut up about destructible terrain. maybe use the search before posting to check if your comment is useful. this one is not. indeed, it has become an irritation.

XCOM was 3D in only a very limited sense. once you have worked out how to do binary space partitioning in real time and communicate the results over the net in a sensible time for multiplayer, you may bring that up again.