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Author Topic: X-Com Lover's first impressions  (Read 2941 times)


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X-Com Lover's first impressions
« on: February 29, 2008, 08:18:36 am »
How do you know if an item is IN production?
There is no % done anywhere. You just see how long it takes to make one unit.

When do the HWP become available? I see nothing for buying them.
Same thing with IMPLANTS

I would love to be able to send more then 8 guys on a mission. I know it's not super important, but in the future......

It's May, and Aliens are already too advanced. I haven't even seen the little grey aliens with the big heads. I like those. :(
They are already shooting at me with Particle Weapons. i have researched Rail-Guns, Lasers, Plasma, and Particle Guns.

I also miss the Farmland missions. The the small Abductor crafts.

It's July, and I have run out of things to research.
I have 3 things on the research Que, but I am not allowed to research them: UFO-Fighter, Alien Propulsion, Particle Beam Weapon.
what do I need, to start researching these?

There seems to be no Aircraft Applications. Nothing I research seems to lend itself to the Aircraft.
Lasers, Particle weapons, Plasma Weapons, should all have application on our aircraft. New Alien Body armor should also have aircraft armor applications.

What is the CREW for on the Stiletto?  Does Having someone on the plane increases ship performance?

Grenade launcher needs more distance. (60% more) My guys can throw just as far.
That said, their Throwing arm sucks. A guy can not even throw a grenade over the length of a Humvee.
i have to walk around, and then get shot.

There are way too many UFOs flying around every day. I count about 30 per day.
Only ONE or TWO will land per month.
The Scout runs away the second my fighter leaves a base.

UFOs don't land. They should. We only get get calls of terror, or we shoot them down.
We should be  able to track one, and watch it land, then send out a team.

You need the pop-up they had in X-Com, during UFO battles. Where you can tell your
fighters to Observe, Cautious Attack, Close Attack. And there should be a selection for
"grouping" your fighters so they have a better chance of living.

Needs a Base Status window. Show how much living space is used, how many workers are idol, and what they are working on,
if weapon systems are armed, how many hangers (and how many planes, how many aliens in containment, how much storage space available/used,  If they have been detected, radar range, etc.
All in one window.

In the base, you should see your aircraft. It's an easy way to know how many ships you have, and what hanger is holding them.
If you have recovered a UFO, then it should be sitting in your UFO Hanger. If you ship is out on a mission, it should not be seen
in the Base view. But there should be something in that hanger to show it's being used by a ship (i.e.. ship parts, as tanks, etc.)

Aircraft never gets damaged. I never see a "Repairing" under Status.

In the future, it would be cool to see the cells in the Alien containment fill up with aliens, the storage get more crates, or a
green/red light to show if a building structure is in use. (i.e.. scientists researching, workers, working, etc.)

When I hit Transfer... then Aliens..... Nothing shows up, until I click one of the Up/Down arrows. Then I see what
Aliens I have.

There is no way to SELL Aliens corpses. How do I get rid of all the bodies? They take up too much space in my Storage.
I had to create a base, just for storing dead aliens.

Transferring things should allow for press-and-hold key function. My finger gets very sore from pressing the mouse 1800 times
just to transfer 1800 Alien Materials.

When selecting a Building to build in your base, you have the cost, but you need to put a short;
line about what it does i.e. "Living quarters; sleeps 50", "Workshop: Work space for 10",
"Large Hanger: One large or 2 small VTL"

When equipping soldiers, There should be a button for "Make default"
that way, when you click it, your guy gets all the available "default" items you like.
i have to put body armor, IR goggles, grenades, knives, secondary weapons,
etc on every guy. Takes too much time. And 6/8  are using the same guns.

Will my Soldiers Abilities ever improve? They seem to stay the same.
If they are carrying Heavy things, their Strength Should improve quickly.
Having a guy carry a Pistol (so his CLOSE ability Improves faster), but make him carry a Rocket Launcher on his back, and a
Medi-Kit on his hip, should also improve his strength, and health. Everything should improve over time, but Items used, should
improve much faster.

mine01 crashes when I use the arrow keys to change levels on my Mac.

Sometimes clicking the Reserved Fire option during movement will remove your time units.
I have 7 units remaining, but I have Multiple Fire Button pressed. I need just 2 movement units to kill the alien I just
ran into, so I click the Reserved Fire button to switch to Single Shot, or No Shot, but then my time units go to ZERO.

When clicking a Landing/Terror Site, there should be "Location Type" there. (i.e. Jungle, City, Farmland, desert, town, beach, etc.)
And Camouflage should give you an advantage with some Aliens. 10% harder to detect.

And soldiers will "detain" my guys when we get on a military base. Is that supposed to happen?
they gather around my guys, and box them in, then don't move. I have to kill one to get away.

I don't see a difference when using the IR night goggles.

I also miss the Flares. (I saw on another post, you intent to put them in later, but they are very complex.)

Building should be able to get damaged in battle. I like demo-ing walls to get at aliens.

Elevators and doors that open/close would be a big improvement.

Incinerary Weapons (grenades/ rockets) should leave a fire burning for a few rounds.
This was great in X-Com where you'd light up an area, and any alien that walked through would burn, also Aliens and humans would pass out from smoke. Flame-thrower should have a similar effect. Later... when you get into destroying things, make sure you can light cars on fire with this.

When you stun an alien with the rod or gas, they fall down, and look dead. There is blood all around them.
there should be a body with no blood.

Aliens never "lay in wait". my guys can reserve some shots for when the aliens move. Aliens should also. I can just
walk up to aliens. It's difficult to win right now, but that would make it better.

"Rome" is misspelled. You have "ROM".

So far there are no upgrades to base facilities. I have the same buildings I had at the beginning of the game.

Right now, I think the game moves too fast. 5 months is all it took to have the Aliens using their best weapons, and me having
researched them. I never bothered to upgrade my guys to lasers or the rail-guns. I jumped straight to the particle weapons,
then researched the laser, rail-gun, plasma gun, just because I was board.

The many maps you have are very cool. I like them, but you need more then just the one wreck. It's the same ship, on slightly
different maps. There should be at least 3 different wreckages of the Harvester.

I love the flame-thrower. It's my favorite weapon to use.

All-in-all a kick ass game.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for making it.

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Re: X-Com Lover's first impressions
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2008, 09:50:50 am »
Most of the points you mentioned are planned for future releases. This game is still under development, so you'll need to wait still a little bit before seeing those things implemented ;) (and given the length of your list, don't be too hurry :P )

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Re: X-Com Lover's first impressions
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2008, 04:33:53 pm »
"Transferring things should allow for press-and-hold key function. My finger gets very sore from pressing the mouse 1800 times
just to transfer 1800 Alien Materials."

Yes, I badly miss it too. Or do it similarly to buy/sell screen.

My suggestion is to unify/merge production and aircraft/produce screens. It is confusing a bit.

"Incinerary Weapons (grenades/ rockets) should leave a fire burning for a few rounds..."

Yes, I absolutely agree. I would welcome persisent effects.
Of course aliens could use such items against us, as well, making us to research countermeasures.

I really missed destroyable terrain object (it's not easy to implement). In XCOM:Apocalypse it was a superb feature when a wall hit, and some of the building collapsed. I hope similar will be implemented on the long run.

It is very good from a work in progress game.