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Author Topic: Few questions at once I don't now if I post it in good topic tough.  (Read 3616 times)

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I wanna ask a few questions:
Shooting is CPU or GPU calculated?
Is there actual physics in the game or only gravity?
How grenade launcher hit is calculated(based on it always lands right on target)?
Is it possible to for a weapon to fire multiple shots with just one shooting calculation(same trajectory, same speed, etc)?
If there is. Is there a way to use 1 ammo to fire multiple shots?

Example use for this: Cannons/rockets/grenades/launchers: If it is possible then they can actually have made to be more realistic e.g.: They could have a direct blast wich is explosive damage and "cloud" of shrapnel wich is a chance to hit normal damage. The impact hit weapons also could have an extra impact damage type on them.

I don't if shooting is slow on cpu's or no, or what method you are using. If it is then I have a few ideas wich I don't want to post until I don't know how things works cause they could be pretty stupid...

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Re: Few questions at once I don't now if I post it in good topic tough.
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 11:34:46 pm »

1. Shooting is CPU calculated
2. There aren't actual physics just a lot of line traces
3. The angle of every single shot is modified randomly (well actually using a pair of gaussians, one for the pitch 4. and one for the yaw)
5. It is currently not possible, but wouldn't be that hard to implement, or so I think
6. In fact this is already posible, the ammo used doesn't need to correspond to the shoots fired, see for example the laser weapons
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