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Author Topic: Base confusion  (Read 2211 times)


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Base confusion
« on: February 19, 2008, 01:13:45 pm »
I just downloaded the 2.2 Version and started to play. The game wen along quite well and I started to build bases.
I had my first base in europe, the second in the US and the next in South America. So far the bases worked well. Then I have build three more bases. One in Africa and one in Asia and one in Australia.
The problem now was, that when an UFO crossed the radar section of the Africa or Asia base and I wanted to intercept, it always told me that the interceptors from the base I selected (which was the base nearby) was never able to even start because it said that the fuel would not be enough for interception and reaching the base.
Then I figured and I could select Stiletto interceptors frorm Asia base to intercept UFO in Africa airspace and Stiletto interceptors from Africa base to intercept UFO in Asia airspace, which is wiered. But not wiered enough, since on the world map, the interceptors started from the wrong base. Interceptors located in Asia started in Africa and the other way around.
That is a wiered bug!

Important to mention, it only happened with these bases.