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Author Topic: Dolvich retune  (Read 1912 times)


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Dolvich retune
« on: February 17, 2008, 02:40:15 pm »
Similar to tobbe's thread about "close" weapons the SMG in particular it seems! ;) ), I would like to get feedback on the following proposal for altering the Dolvich pistol:

1) Remove the 3 round burst. The Dolvich is supposed to be an "uncompromising" weapon, so why the extra flexibility of burst fire? A simple semi-auto mechanism would fit much better with the UFOPedia "flavour" text.
2) The UFOPedia also talks of a two-handed fire stance due to the Dolvich's kickback.
3) Up its spread -- 1.1 Snap Fire for a pistol?! How about "1.3 1.4"? Up the aim fire spread to 1.1 or so.
4) The UFOPedia also talks of the round's penetration vs damage properties. I propose we up its damage type to at least normal_medium, maybe even normal_heavy to give it those anti-materiel properties the UFOPedia mentions. To account for the "clean" wounds the round makes, however, we change the damage to "25 15" -- this gives the same 40 maximum as before, but the minimum is now 10, not 30, to simulate those straight-through shots.

I actually love the Dolvich, but at the moment it seems too close to the MP for me. Lets give it some distinct capabilities! ;D

Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions?