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Author Topic: More infos about enemies  (Read 1896 times)

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More infos about enemies
« on: January 20, 2008, 11:59:52 pm »
I think i havent mentioned it before: really great work!  :) It is just cool to play one on favorites once again.

Right now I am thinking about some small modifications and i have a little proposal and some questions:

I would really like to see some more information about the aliens. If i move the cursor on top of an alien, it just stats what kind of alien it is...but there are huge differences concerning possible armor and weapons. I would handle a heavily armor orthok with  plasma blaster quite diffrently than an othok without any armor and plasma pistol...ok, if i take a closer look, i often recognize the weapon, but as the lighting is often bad, i sometimes dont. I think it would be really cool to have a little box with the most relevant information, after you have found out the most relevant information via research:

Alien Type (if researched)
Armor (none, light, medium)
Weaponry (at least if it is a light, medium or heavy weapon)
approx. health (healthy, wounded, close to death)

The last point is the most important one for me.i hit an alien once and lose contact. after a while, i meet a similar alien...but is this the one i wounded? how often will i have to hit him  for a kill...?

Question: Where can i find out the EXACT resistances of the various alien types? The research offers some vague clues, but id like to know more. Especially when using bursts there are big differences in the effectiveness of various give one example (i entered some weapons stats into excel and calculated the damage per TU for unarmored, light armored and medium armored aliens)

The laser pistol is really great against unarmored aliens: sufficient range, very low spread and it is within the top 30% of damage/TU against unarmored, using pulsed fire.

Against light armored enemies (adding 12 points armor) it is still quite ok, but pulsed becomes almost useless, while wave-fire still performs ok.

Against medium armored enemies (adding 26 points armor) pistols just suck, almost the worst damage/TU available.

I know that lasers are supposed to work this way and i like the idea of adjusting to your enemies and choosing diffrent weaponry (just dont fight heavily armored enemies with lasers). But the example shows, that 10-15 points damage reduction make a huge difference. So IF e.g. Orthoks have about 10 points laser resistance, i would know not to shoot with lasers even on light armored orthoks...right now i just have to guess. A situation i dont really like in a game where it is really easy to lose important soldiers... there is no time for trial and error.

Oh, another point, different topic: I was REALLY surprised when i noticed that there are HUGE differences about the impact of crouching! (e.g. flamethrower - no difference, Sniper rifle factor 0.3!) Some ingame info/warning about this OR a consistant factor would be nice...
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