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Author Topic: Game Crash... Xc0m Lover  (Read 3085 times)


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Game Crash... Xc0m Lover
« on: July 03, 2006, 12:20:34 am »
Hey Guys, Im from Brazil... I used to be a X-COm lover player a long time ago!! Then I found this UFO AI game and donwloaded as soon as I could...  First of all... I ve tried to play at the note book but I couldnd because it wont save the game... ok... then I installed at the desktop... I could save either and the game has crashed at the first mission that i tried to play... it has showed an error windows and quited do windows...

What Can I do next??

I Really want to play the game...

I´m downloading the game again from a differente site... the newest version...


Frederico Luiz...

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Game Crash... Xc0m Lover
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