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Author Topic: Network problem in single-play ???  (Read 1472 times)


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Network problem in single-play ???
« on: July 10, 2007, 08:40:39 pm »
Something strange...
 I arrive at the mission, and on my first move starting to set primary fire mode of my soldiers. Almost all of my soldiers are carring Assault Rifles. I love mode "3-round birst" (3rb).
 I press "1", quickly set 3rb, then quickly press "2" (without even closing window with fire modes), select 3rb here, and so on. On 4th or 5th soldier in upper left corner icon with "no connection" (or network link problem) start to blink.
 If I'm not fast enough to switch all soldiers quickly and set desired modes, icon will dissapear after several seconds.
 But if I'm switch quickly, on the end of switching icon is blinking all the time, and I have to quit the mission.
 I don't know if somebody can produce the same bug...