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Author Topic: Error on Startup  (Read 2993 times)


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Error on Startup
« on: June 14, 2006, 07:44:23 pm »
When I initiate the game, I briefly (like a millisecond) see a menu of sorts, possibly the world map, and it immediatly crashes back to desktop, displaying said error:

GLimp_EndFrame() - SwapBuffers() Failed!

Computer statistics -

AMD Atlon XP Processor 3200+
512 MB PC2700 DDR Memory
160 GB 7200RPM Ultra DMA HD
Integrated Graphics @ 64 mb shared memory

(processor speed is 2.20 ghz, 512kb L2 cache with 400mhx front side bus)


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Error on Startup
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2006, 07:46:00 pm »
Oh, I should also mention i'm running Windows XP