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Author Topic: ufoai 2.2 music top-ten ;-)  (Read 2831 times)


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ufoai 2.2 music top-ten ;-)
« on: April 17, 2007, 06:18:28 pm »
All that I'll sad here, is ONLY my opinion. I don't want to hurt someones feelings (ESPECIALY those, who wrote with tracks). I've simply load all music tracks to player, listen all of them very attentive and try on them to UFO:AI.
 I've read forum, there are some people, who love first original UFO as I do. It was very scary to play X-COM. And I think atmosphere of ufoai MUST be frightening, scarry. There MUST be horror.
 I'm trying so say that music is very important thing in creating of gameplay.

 So, I've analyze current tracks and try to understand how they suite to horror game.
 Here are results:

alBasrahM.ogg -- nice battle music. fast, but slightly monotonous. 7/10.
AlexFightmare.ogg -- scary ambient track. good. 7/10.
AlexForest.ogg -- very similar to AlexFightmare.ogg. 7/10.
AlexSullencity.ogg -- sad ambeint track. city sounds are awesome. very atmospheric. good. 9/10. Track may be too silent. It's volume should be increased (Track reminds me Angelo Badalamenti's 'Mullholand Drive' main theme, but without city noises ;).
David01.ogg -- I'm not a fan of this kind of music. sorry. Not atmospheric at all I think. 4/10.
dawn.ogg -- Same as previous. 4/10.
dbsea.ogg -- light, "tranparent" track. not bad, but slightly boring. 6/10. Loud a little bit. Volume should be decreased.
greecei.ogg -- Good one. Slightly boring in the beginning, but in second half it's very nice. 7/10.
PsymongN1.ogg -- Excellent ambient track. VERY atmospheric. Best for "Geoscape". 9/10.
PsymongN2.ogg -- Almost as previous, but not SO good as previous. So... 8/10.
PsymongN3.ogg -- Good ambient relaxingtrack. Atmospheric. 8/10. (another one good for Geoscape if you like).
PsymongN4.ogg -- Slightly boring. Not catching. 6/10.
PsymongN5.ogg -- First half is just boring. Second half slighlty better, but still not catching. 6/10.
PsymongO1.ogg -- Slightly monotonous, but may be it's not bad for battles. 7/10.
PsymongO2.ogg -- Not bad track. Fresh. Good for battles. 7/10.
PsymongO3.ogg -- Boring. 5/10.
PsymongO4.ogg -- Pulsing ambient track. not catching. 6/10.
PsymongO5.ogg -- Very good ambient track. Mystique 8), intriguing, atmospheric. 8/10.
PsymongO6.ogg -- Ambient relaxing track. Atmospheric. Good. 7/10.
PsymongR1.ogg -- Not good, not bad. Too long. 6/10.
PsymongR2.ogg -- Very boring ambient track with no new ideas. 3/10.
PsymongR3.ogg -- Very interesting ambient track. Mystique atmosphere. 8/10. (assymetric drums slightly makes track bad IMHO. without them track will be perfect).
PsymongR4.ogg -- Clumsy ambient track. 6/10.
PsymongR5.ogg -- Not catching. 4/10.
space.ogg -- Good track! but very short. 8-( 8/10.
turinItalyM.ogg -- Not interesting. No atmosphere at all. Assymetric drums. 4/10.
ufo1.ogg -- Track is good, but not good enough for main theme, sorry. 7/10.
ufo2.ogg -- Just not for main theme, sorry. 5/10.

 As for main theme, there is NO main theme still. Track 'space.ogg' is much better suite for main theme I think.
 But none of them can compare with old Main Theme track by Manuel Marino. Sorry, but it's true.

 And I say again, ALL OF ABOVE is ONLY MY OPINION. Take no ofense, please! 8-)


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ufoai 2.2 music top-ten ;-)
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 06:55:50 pm »
I am always happy to hear peoples opinions on my works - no one develops their skills without a good dose of honest feedback.

About sullencity - a few people have said it's too quiet - I will have to normalise it and upload a newer version when I have time.

While you're in the mood for listening to music, do you want to hear one I wrote the other day?

Drag D

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ufoai 2.2 music top-ten ;-)
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2007, 11:56:05 am »
Your Sullencity song might be the best of all .
It reminds me of a cyberpunk atmosphere. But i guess everyone makes his own associations in their head.

Great work !