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Author Topic: Left click about face  (Read 954 times)


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Left click about face
« on: March 19, 2007, 03:51:57 pm »
I keep making this silly mistake when I play AI.

I'm used to left clicking for actions like walk, shoot, click menu, etc...  And to do things like cancel fire etc the right mouse button seems natural.

Also, turning the soldier to face the cursor, I am used to the right mouse button.  The silly thing I keep doing is thinking it is the same in AI as XCOM and I end up right clicking to get my soldier to face a certain direction and instead of turning around he gets up and walks over there.

"No!  Get back here you stupid git! #@$@!!!" is my usual response :)

Any way to fix this so that the RMB turns the soldier instead of control?