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Author Topic: Scary alien, cloaked alien, 2d backgrounds?  (Read 3916 times)

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Scary alien, cloaked alien, 2d backgrounds?
« on: February 11, 2007, 01:25:30 am »
So, I've been following the development of UFO since the earliest stages bla bla bla. The game is becoming more and more enjoyable, and I'm having some good  time playing it, but I miss this feeling you had when you played UFO: Enemy Unknown. I was really scared thanks to the music, door sounds etc. But the thing that sent chills down my spine was: the enemy. Mainly Chryssalid. And yeah, I'm very cautious while playing, but it's not the same. Horror factor ;) is a lot smaller. I really miss this alien and XCOM's atmosphere. I really hope you guys will come up with a similar alien - making it really scary :) I'm not saying - copy his look etc. Just create an alien that will make the players shiver ;) An alien turning your soldiers to zombies would rock so much.
Besides, Chryssalid looked cool. :roll:

I also think that a cloaked alien would be cool - he may be mainly staying in the UFO's. He may as well sometimes be roaming around the crashsite, mind-controlling some other aliens. I recently came across this screenshot: - something like those guys inside the ship would be great.

Another idea:
Hm, maybe an alien leaving eggs - if you won't destroy them - some new aliens will appear :) Maybe the player could discover a hidden alien laboratory with a new species - they would destroy the cryogenic cages they were kept in and start attacking your soldiers. I don't know what is possible to code within the boundaries of this engine and coders skills. So don't be mad at me, saying 'ah, yeah, what else? maybe half-life 2 like physics?' - these are only suggestions :)

I have a question by the way, is the UFO:AI engine capable of running backgrounds like these?

I'll try to get my friend who is a gfx artist to contribute some 2d art, maybe he'll create one or two cool backgrounds. Are there any restrictions?