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Author Topic: What is this forum meant to be ?  (Read 7463 times)

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What is this forum meant to be ?
« on: August 10, 2009, 12:02:12 am »
You played the game ?
You loved it ?
You felt the urge to give something back ?
You happen to have a decent knowledge of C/C++ ? (Or some other skill, see below)
You detected some flaw and thought "I could do that somewhat better" ?
You glanced at the code, but didn't find the 'entry point', so you gave up ?

Welcome to the newbie coders forum :)

The 'coding' forum is for devs that have a problem of some kind. So every other dev that has the knowledge is supposed to answer the question ASAP to solve the problem.

Opposed to that, in the 'newbie coders forum', things are much more relaxed. Every other newbie is supposed to try to figure out the answer. He may not find it, but he will learn 3-5 other things in the process ;)
So the devs may or may not read the intermediate results of the newbies, answer questions if they are 'in the mood' to do so or if they find the newbies are searching in the wrong direction.
Sometimes the devs even might not answer the question, but instead give just *hints* so the newbies can find out themselves.
Only if the 'speaker of the newbies' (rules/mechanism is still to be defined) declares that NO newbie could find the answer, a dev is required (and polled) to give the solution.