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Hi, I've been working on a new .po when I noticed this one in the source document:

"Research prerequisites of %s do not met at %s. Research halted!"

In case you didn't see it immediately, there's an unwanted "do". It occurs twice in client/cgame/campaign/cp_research.cpp

Edit: Oh, and a happy new year to you as well.

But the verb would be missing then ? That should be
"Research prerequisites of %s are not met at %s. Research halted!"
I believe.
The verb 'do' is o.k. in English sentences as opposed to e.g. German. I'm not a native speaker though.

Not a native speaker myself, but "are not met" sounds to be the right form, because of the "passive voice" structure.
I was debating about leaving the "do" there to emphasize for a bit, but may not be correct, not sure. You know, even add an extra "do" to a statement to add more emphasis to it.



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