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Author Topic: First impressions on 2.6-dev / Premières impressions sur la version 2.6-dev  (Read 2436 times)

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J'ai trouvé quelques petites surprises dans la dernière version (2.6-dev). Ce ne sont pas des bugs au sens propre mais d'étonnantes différences de comportement du jeu.
Je vous en livre une ci-dessous en espérant que la forme vous amusera. Si cela vous convient, je posterai très bientôt mes remarques sous la même forme.
L'anglais n'étant pas ma langue maternelle, c'est Google qui a effectué la traduction.
Bonne lecture.

I found some small surprises in the latest version (2.6-dev). These are not bugs literally but amazing differences in the game's behavior.
I give you one below hoping that the form will entertain you. If it suits you, I will post my remarks very soon in the same form.
Since English is not my mother tongue, Google has done the translation.
Good reading.

From: Philibert Dugenou, chief accountant of Phalanx units
To: Atanase Rigel, Commander-in-Chief of the Phalanx Structure

My commander,

In my free time, I allowed myself to conduct a quick audit of our production conditions in their financial aspect.

I am sending you the elements that I discovered as well as my conclusions and recommendations through the example of the manufacture of a Laser Turret

Production time of a laser turret: 1500h
For a team of 10 engineers: 150h

The monthly cost of an engineer is: 575 credits, or 3.6 credits per hour worked.
The manufacture of a laser turret therefore amounts to: 3.6 X 150 X 10 = 5,400 credits

To this must be added the cost of maintenance of the workshop, 3,200 credits per month, or 4.5 credits per hour, or 675 credits for the 150h manufacturing of the turret in question.

If we consider that the cost of the raw materials required for this manufacturing is about 20% of the personnel cost, that makes us about 1,080 additional credits.

The manufacture of the turret is therefore up to us:

Raw materials: 1,080 c
Rooms: 675 c
Staff fees: 5,400 c

A total of: 7,155 c

I will mention the cost of storage of the turret only for memory but this cost is added to the total in good accounting.
Likewise, I will not take into account the research and development costs necessary to design this weapon.

In short, if we want to get into our fees, we would have to sell it for a minimum of 7,200 credits.

The selling price on the market being 9 000 credits we could think that we realize a very small profit, which would not be a bad one if it were true.
But a sum of 10,000 credits, equivalent to that of buying on the market, is billed to us each time.

So, instead of winning
9,000 - 7,200 = 1,800 credits
we lose
9,000 - 10,000 - 7,200 = 8,200 credits

Having no counterfeit money printing shop hidden in a corner of the base, I have to tell you frankly, sir, that we are going to ruin in the near future.

You could argue that this kind of turret is not on the market, but I'm still wondering who is going to get those 10,000 credits.

These commercial practices, which I will not hesitate to describe as "dubious", are in effect for all the products we manufacture.

At first, it is essential to NEVER make ourselves what we can buy.

Your predecessor used to have various items made in good time and resell them in order to improve our finances. This practice is therefore to be avoided.

Respectfully yours.

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hehe, yeah. Producing goods in the game was never meant to be profitable, that would turn the game into an economy game which we did not wanted. Still I feel the need for a more realistic economy model, because the current system often just does not feel right, but it is not the most important topic and the design should be carefully done - so we don't end up with an abusable economy game -, therefore it get pushed back on the backlog for a while.