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Discussion / Re: Discord server
« Last post by cooler_sk on August 15, 2023, 09:27:37 pm »
Hi! Unfortunately, I don't see how that would magically spawn developers around here.


It might as well do that.
In all seriousness, it is a modern platform that a lot of people use and as Ruby siad, it will help with exposure. But most importantly the ease to find the project. The less barriers are in the way (going to wiki, regestering an account, verifying an email), the less hesitant people will be to join and consequentially participate. Not to mention all the tools Discord provides to make management of the community easy as well as sharing files and such.

You should consider it.
Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: Text is not appearing for me on windows 10
« Last post by geever on August 05, 2023, 02:49:47 am »
As far as we know, this problem is only with Intel graphics adapters. My best guess is that the default driver in Windows missing a capability or so.
It might worth a try downloading the latest (hopefully OpenGL capable) driver from Intel itself to see if it helps.

There are a number of users reporting this issue. I have it too!
I have the same issue. First time player.
Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: No Text when starting in Windows 10
« Last post by thecookieprince on July 11, 2023, 08:51:22 pm »
I have the same problem. Did you resolve it? Is any earlier version working for you?
Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Text is not appearing for me on windows 10
« Last post by CaptainRaptor on June 20, 2023, 05:06:58 am »
On my windows 10 laptop, whenever i boot up the game it has no text and i do not know how to access the texture settings in the files.
Artwork / Voxel conversions
« Last post by Mattn on April 29, 2023, 12:39:00 pm »
I've recently added md2 support to my vengi voxel tools and imported this one:

Offtopic / Re: POLL Do you want RTX? Cross-website-post.
« Last post by solbu on March 26, 2023, 02:49:50 pm »
So far no body has voted. :(
There's still time if you want to since the poll should close tonight in about 6 and 1/2 hours.
Didn't notice this thread until today. ;-)

RTX is an Nvidia thing.
Personally I would never use Nvidia cards. I will go out of my way to stay away from Nvidia cards only because Nvidia doesn't have Free Software drivers, often called Ā«Open SourceĀ».
I know there are some cards that work with Nouveau drivers, I still prefer AMD or Intel over Nvidia

I don't trust proprietary software, and I especially don't trust proprietary drivers. So I use Intel or AMD GPU's.

I am a Free Software advocate, and have used GNU/Linux as my operating systems since 2001.
Discussion / Re: Discord server
« Last post by ruby02 on March 21, 2023, 11:18:03 am »
Maybe a discord server may provide more exposure
also freenode is linked despite moving to libera
Newbie Coding / How do I add more faces to game.
« Last post by ruby02 on March 21, 2023, 10:55:33 am »
Faces in the game feel out-dated and repetitive , how do i add more or modify existing ones?
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