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Mapping / Animated Textures for UFOs [CODING HELP NEEDED !!!]
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:20:39 am »
I was looking @ the Alien-Base-mission & I really liked the animated textures there  8)

Wouldn't it be a nice eye-candy to have some animated textures in the UFO-models also ?

I thought about stuff like glowing buttons, buttons changing color, monitors changing content (see attachments)...

I did not want to make the impression to just wanting to request new features, so I attached some examples to show that I would also invest some workforce here if the developers agree that this would be  :)

P.S.: @Kildor: The UFO Gunboat you designed looks great IMO !

Mapping / UFORadiant Newbie has some questions, please help !
« on: February 28, 2010, 04:55:40 pm »
When starting UFORadiant a window says that it cannot start because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing (Screenshot 1), after clicking ok UFORadiant starts eventually (Screenshot 2).
Maybe someone could help me eliminate this error  ::)

Hey !
Unfortunately it is not possible to get upstairs once again.
I experienced this bug in different maps, wanted to make a screenshot, but I do not where or if it is saved when I press F12 ?!
Also I cannot activate First-Person-View or is this feature disabled ?!

Feature Requests / Medals for soldiers, make more use of the 3d-engine
« on: February 18, 2010, 08:17:52 pm »
Hey Folks !

First I want to congratulate all the developers to this great remake/re-invention of one of the best game-ideas ever developed !!!

I personally stumbled over the 2.2.1 version of this game over a year ago & played it till there was nothing left to play  :'(
Currently I'm playing the most actual version, thanks to Muton & his great 'All in one win32 build script':
Thanx a lot for that one !!!

The progress you are making is great & very visible when comparing 2.2.1 to 2.3dev. There are a few things however which IMHO should also be implemented:

The First Request:

I think when you Buy/Sell things, there should be not only a still picture of the equipment displayed, but rather a nice 3d animation where for instance the gun or ship is rotating in the preview window...
I think almost all of the equipment is available as 3d model, so this should be used !
In the UFOPedia it should be the same. There you can rotate almost every item by clicking on it, holding the mousebutton & moving the mouse, it would look better if every item would rotate without clicking & would be stopped on click, then the player should be able to take control of the viewpoint. This would add much atmosphere to the game & would show some of the new possibilities with 3d !

The Second Request:

I think one of the big motivation-pushing factors of UFO AI is the development of the soldiers. It is great to see the promotions & growing abilities of each member of the team & I think this should be expanded, so I am requesting to implement a medal-system for the soldiers.
Medals could be given to each soldier for things like this:

Medal for killing all the aliens in a mission with 1 soldier !
Medal for a 'DoubleKill, Triplekill, Quadruplekill' with 1 soldier in 1 turn !
Medal for a 'DoubleKill, Triplekill, Quadruplekill' with 1 soldier in 1 mission !
Medal for the catching of the 1. alien of a race alive (Distributed only once per race) !
Medal for 25, 50 & 100 missions with a soldier !
Medal for surviving a mission lionhearted (with less than 10 health for example) !

This should be combinated with gaining experience when being awarded a medal. Every medal should result in a boost of morale & other statistics, like gaining accuracy & speed for a 'DoubleKill, Triplekill, Quadruplekill' for example...
I think this would boost motivation for the player not only in terms of not sacrifcing brave, well decorated soldiers, but will also push different tactics to award medals with all the soldiers !!!
From the implemantation side this should be not to difficult, because I think all the statistics for the individual soldiers already exist & could just be a little expanded...
Not yet awarded medals should be shown in the statistics of each soldier greyed out & on mouseover there should be a short explanation how to get that medal, for example: 'Kill 4 Aliens in 1 Turn'

The Third Request:

That is not a request, but rather a question. What is this stuff with the reaction-fire all about ???
IMHO that was perfectly integrated in v2.2.1 & now it is getting much more complicated in each version ?!
I think there should be only one button for reaction fire & there also the firemode should be selected. The TUs should be reserved from the current turn & used up (or not) when it's the aliens turn. In your next turn you should start with full TUs !
Just to throw my ketchup into this discussion  ;)

Okay, I think that's it for the moment.
Please consider my thoughts on your project, developers & don't be too harsh on me, 'cause this is my first post & I really do not want to be a mere critic, but really help you to with this great project, which in this state is already far better that the innovative original & more 3d  ;D

P.S.: I swear I won't ask you about the implementation of destructible terrain  ::)

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