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I happened to have UFO AI R26356 crash during a mission, and it seems to always crash during this one.

I have a save game and a screen shot of the error the last time it crashed.

Just confirmed it still crashes in r26401.  1 taman and 1 ortok stunned, dont know if they have anything to do with it.  Skipping mission for now.

LOL yes, I am sure that somewhere probably at the driver level, there is an issue that's causing UFO:AI to be too dark on occasion.

Since it is not an all the time thing for me, Perhaps this should be listed under bugs rather than a suggestion?

My computer gives me a headache somedays,  The same picture I posted that when I was looking at it on my machine a couple days ago was completely black in the dark area's now has like a green highlighting in it..

UNless the forum has done some kind of compression on the PNG.... * nope just looked at the origionals they now have green highlights in the dark areas...

That green highlighting was not there a couple days ago...

This is so confuzzling....

(Or maybe not now that I have had a chance to think about it, I recently have went on an uninstalling spree to free up space for a repartition and possibly a switch to winders 7.... maybe one of those games had been interfering with the color or something)

I think I (might) have found the cause.

Here is a screen with the same version of everything except my drivers were turned to 32 bit color depth instead of 16bit. It looks dark but I can easily make out everything inside of there.

I am running a Nvidia 9500gt.  version 190.62 on the drivers.  
And the problem came back...
I did not change versions of the game but I might have updated my video drivers... I have been fiddling with fallout 3 trying to stop it from crashing constantly... Dont remember all I have done... Here is a screenshot.
As you can (or cant?) see.. There is just nothing you can see in the dark area's.

It was completely dark when I was looking at it earlier, but looking at things I think it was because I reinstalled my videos drivers, the gamma was reset to neutral, and I had daylight on my monitor.  now that I have turned up the gamma and it's dark in my room it's easily visible...  Dunno.. Might have also been a glitch with my graphics card..

There are also specific area's that get hard to see....

Mexico area, and India.

Feature Requests / Re: Licensing
« on: September 21, 2009, 08:44:53 am »
I am fairly certain being named objects does not matter, as long as it uses discrete code blocks.  I believe that as long as the code is not a simple top down and has functions that are independent with things passed to them, and returning values, it is object oriented code.  

Not 100% certain though.  I am a little foggy where modular programming ends, which they certainly use, and Object Oriented begins.  Just have always thought if one part of the program can be called from any part in the main thread and it is independent of it,  it is object oriented.

Feature Requests / Re: Licensing
« on: September 21, 2009, 02:34:40 am »
It appears to me UFO-AI is entirely built on OO programing...

Perhaps you are confusing Object Oriented, with GUI Design Integrated IDE's like visual basic?

Feature Requests / Re: Minor economic tweak
« on: September 21, 2009, 02:14:27 am »
i suggested something similar and was told that so far it's outside of the remit of the game as it currently stands and that they are focusing on improving what they have, and not on adding completely new features.

I understand not wanting to add new features, but this is a minor economic tweak taking into account the expansion of the defense force on earth, and its expenses.   The static values just do not hold up well now that the new economic system is in place.   Perhaps just an static inflationary number like multiplying the base value by 1.003x(The number of days since start)  Otherwise players will likely hit a ceiling very quick out of the gate and be reduced to cheap tricks to maintain their bases.

AND we were told to discuss the new economic values... so here we are discussing them =)

PLEASE!  Although I am capable of advancing the time to when I want, I really would like to have the night/day disappear when I am placing a base.

Windows / Re: Win32 Development Binary Installer Links
« on: September 16, 2009, 05:40:55 am »
I was installing to the larger drive, but since the OS is on the tiny one, the temp folder that the files are extracted to during the installation is also. Anyway I got passed it now, as my edited post mentions. I'm stuck by the general instability of the game itself now though. First I couldn't start missions for some reason, and most recently all the characters were black, and then when I opened the menu to check if I set something wrong and then closed it, it froze again. And this time I can't blame my computer; other than the idiosyncratic drive partitioning, the comp works rather well.
Turn off shadows forgot how I did but thats what I needed to do in order to play on my nvidia 6150LE .  Yeah its unstable...   It's a work in progress and you are a tester.

Feature Requests / Minor economic tweak
« on: September 13, 2009, 11:20:29 pm »
I actually am betting this is already planned but if its not:

It would be nice to have dynamic values for revenue from countries, not the static values based solely on if they are happy or sad at the moment.


America's attitude is exuberant: In month one they give you 56,000 credits.. Month two 57.600 Credits, Month three 58300 credits.

Now lets say they are unhappy.... Month one they give you 40,000 month two 35,000  Month three 31,4000..

Perhaps also factor in UFO sales, as it seems reasonable if a country gets cool toys from you, they would give you more, like add 500 credits a month on to whatever country you sell a ufo to...

This kinda simulates the economic effects of being successful and unsuccessful at defending the planet as well..

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