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Discussion / Re: How much Reaction Fire?
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:42:41 pm »
I think that isn't very realistic. First, if your soldier is crouching, it is supossed to be in guard, so, any thing that moves will come under a rain of bullets. That is the same for snipering.

So, i think that reaction time could be a measurement of TU, Mind and speed. For example, take the enemy TU spending and compare with the Speed units of the soldier x2 and divided for 10.

Soldier speed stats: 23 the reaction coefficient is 4.6 or 5 points.

Enemy walks three steps; 6 points TU

6 points are more than 5 points, so, the soldier react at this (speed). But, if the enemy walks only 2 steps (4 points), he can shot first. But now, the enemy uses 16 TU shooting, this will be 1.6 or 2 points. So, 2 for shooting plus 4 for walking are 6 points. Now, the soldier can react.

This could be a way to make the reaction more efficient. May be used the mind points, to make a "random" process, in order to apply the lucky factor.

Discussion / Re: How much Reaction Fire?
« on: May 20, 2012, 02:07:03 am »
Mmmm i understand now. I was using burst fire on my reaction fire. It make sense.


Sorry, but is fixed on 2.4 windows release?, because i have this "problem" on this version.

Discussion / Re: How much Reaction Fire?
« on: May 19, 2012, 02:53:14 am »
How is working the RF on the 2.4? My soldiers are very "slow" for reaction fire, even with full TUs. I don´t know why, because in 2.3.1, my soldiers almost every time react, if not at first time, they do it after the alien makes his shot.

Sorry for my english.

Hi. I´m playing the 2.4 final release, and i found this "bug" again. This is the regular function of the bolter?

Bugs in older version (2.4) / Re: Slow battle between ships problem
« on: May 19, 2012, 02:34:36 am »

I have problem with this bug. I read the thread and follow the link to the bugreport. I found a link for download a stable version, from sankesanders(link: . Is this the 2.4 stable version?

Previously, i downloaded the game from the main page, at this link:


Discussion / Re: 2.4 Rescue Mission
« on: December 08, 2011, 08:57:28 pm »
When i made my first rescue mission, i was to shoot at the sticks around the crashed firebird to finish the mission.

I think that this mission is not usefull, because there´s no aliens. In fact, the Earth is populated by human bay the time the game is started. In UFO AFTERMATH, the Earth falled down and the aliens roaming for all places, this mission had more sense. But in this game, the only reason for exist, is for save your team.

So, i think that must be an automission ever, and not a playable mission.

Discussion / Re: Sourcetrunk review of UFO Alien Invasion : input wanted
« on: December 02, 2011, 09:45:08 pm »
Dont forget the new sounds in 2.4. :>

It´s an awesome improvement!!!!

Tactics / Re: Keeping the Nations Happy in 2.4
« on: November 20, 2011, 12:56:13 am »
Ok. This was a quesion dancing on my head :-D

It´s neccesary make all crash missions? How affect the game if i leave some crash sites intact? i mean, it´s very tedius to do all missions, when all days the ufo are flying massively.

Tactics / Re: Keeping the Nations Happy in 2.4
« on: November 19, 2011, 02:02:03 am »
You make all terror misions? i never lose a game for nation happness. It´s rare...

Discussion / My suggestions
« on: November 16, 2011, 03:00:48 pm »
After playing a while the game, i think that is possible to make som changes to improve the quality of the game.

1. Bolter rifle. This rifle is a very good piece of work, but is very unbalanced. For a early weapon, it could be better. My sugesstion:
- Reduce the spread of:
 aimed shot at 0.9. Reason: the bolter rifle uses a flechette, and this projectile have a excellent accuracy, almost like a ray (see the Steyr ACR So, although haven´t scope, a shoot with an iron sight could be accurate at medium range.
- Change the 3 round burst for burst of two shoots. Reason: This weapon have two cannons, so, shooting 2 projectiles at same time could do a heavy damage with heavy recoil but with the spread of a snap shot. So, although the damage is reduced to 150 HP, the spread could be lower and the hit probability higher at medium / close range, without lose a single shot.

With this changes, the bolter rifle could begin the backbone of the squad weapons, making obsolete the assault rifle and some close weapons at early stages of the game.

2. Sniper rifle have a good scope and is a 20mm weapon, so, a 0.9 spread is really ridiculous jejeje. The spread could be 0.6 for aimed shot. Snap shot could be 1.

With this, the sniper rifle will be more realistic.

3. Aliens must begin with armour. Reason: The storyline talks about an impossible enemy for the standard weapons. So, beginig with armour, the chemical propeled weapons could be less lethal and makes possible the entrance of the bolter rifle as a milestone in the war, following by laser weapons for long range engagements as a milestone too. This for standard difficulty and more. Maybe for later versions, it could be added a heavy alien armour.

4. Laser weapons must be limited to rifle and pistol. The reason is, heavy laser is not sufficient powerfull to be a sniper weapon and don´t have sufficient ammo to be a support weapon. The laser rifle do a better job, is less expensive in TUs, have the same accuracy, much more ammo and is almost as powerfull like the heavy laser.

5. SMG and micro SMG begun obsolete for the alien armor, so, i think that almost no one use it. So, the laser pistol could be modified to be a submachine gun, adding a second clip or special clip to giive more ammo.

6. It could be introduced an armour between nanocomposite and combat armour, because using alien materials to do the nanocomposite armour would take some time, and the alien could deploy more quickly ther rifles and blasters. So, an armour using some techs in nanotubes but never the same quality as alien materials could be a solution.

7. The holster and backpack is ok, but the belt is awfull. It could be nice to have space in chest to put clips (using the same space of holster), so, it could be possible to use a backup pistol, grenades and a rocket launcher or another weapon in the backpack (like some armies soldiers).

8. The attack to the bases is another point that must be changed, at my point of view. Fisrt, there´s no warning. So, what the reason of defenses? The attacks must be doing by incoming ships and not by strange suprises.

9. It could be nice to launch harvester with an escort of two figthers, but lowering the firepower of the harvester. I use sarracen with two particle cannon and i haven´t neccesity for the advanced and antimatter-costly fighters. And i do the job fine!!

This are some of my sugesstions.  With the spirit of improve this excelent work.

Windows / Re: 2.3.1 upgrades
« on: November 15, 2011, 11:10:38 pm »
Well are you sure about that? Sounds like something is wrong with your graphic settings. Because the textures of 2.4 got a higher resolution and more detail. Theyve also got shader effects like parallax mapping etc:

Sorry man, i check my settings and you are rigth. Awesome work, my bad about the bad video.

Windows / Re: 2.3.1 upgrades
« on: November 13, 2011, 12:48:10 am »
Ok, i will look again. The images looks very different than my video.

I will try to set my video again then i post again.

Someting more; i see my soldiers move but without animation sometimes. Maybe my video settings. I will check.

Windows / Re: 2.3.1 upgrades
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:12:48 pm »
Thanks, iam glad you like the new sounds and particles. :) But what is wrong with the "graphics"? Everything got a huge improvment - textures, some models etc.

I wouldnt recommend that. The sound engine got a little overhaul in 2.4 and we added/modified some commands and sound events which would produce some terrible (sound) bugs.

Well, the graphics from the 2.3.1 (windows) are more detailed. The trees, the buildings... in the 2.4-dev that i played, maybe is for linux version, but the windows version have more detailed graphics. Not is wrong as you say, it´s only that 2.4-dev have some things, as terrain and buldings that appear more "paintbrushed" jejeje. Another thing, is the base management. I prefer the icons of the 2.3.1 for the installations. They are more detailed and the rough terrain is less darker.

More than that, excellent work!

Windows / 2.3.1 upgrades
« on: November 11, 2011, 02:36:13 am »
I played the 2.4-dev for windows, and the sound and particles are awesome! (but not the graphics :-D ).

Its possible to upgrade the 2.3.1 with the sound of the 2.4 version?

It´s near the 2.4 version for windows?

P.D. Great work!! i want congratulate the team.

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