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Discussion / Re: Off Base installation Alien attack
« on: June 17, 2009, 01:32:50 am »
I guess for now it could just give <auto> option for the mission for lack of maps..?

in the case of the other installations that don't have any ground missions planned, how would defending those be handled? Via air intercept only? (assuming these would be only useful in remote areas this does not seem viable) Or would they just become completely disposable?

Discussion / Off Base installation Alien attack
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:03:52 pm »
Hey everyone,

In reference to , it's mentioned that every so often a bombing run will be generated. I think this should be rather an attack which would lead to a mission (sort of like a terror mission) in which when you land you have to secure xyz (say radar command center for the radar installation) vs the aliens destroying it, or simply just wipe out the aliens.
Ofcourse since it's a sensitive installation it would have a higher deterioration rate than a terror mission (i.e. by the time a terror mission would trigger a x civilians killed event it would equate lost facility). This would have the following benefits vs. bombing run:

1. You can't bomb alien craft, so this preserves symetry

2. It gives you a way for fighting off the attack, other than having to set up entire complexes of off-base bases (want to build a UFO hangar? well you have to build some sam sites... want to use the sam sites? well you have to build a radar... unless that's the point, in which cases you're better off building a specialized base in the first place (that's what I do in 2.2.1, I think it already asks you where you want to transport the UFO for disassembly, and moving it in storage seems to work fine [unless this is not how it should work])

3. This also adds another variety of cool mission type to use your soldiers in which is the whole point anyway

What do you think?

P.S. sorry if this was discussed before, but the search didn't bring anything up when I tried different combinations of off base / bombing run / etc.

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