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This is an issue I have been having, and I suspect it is linked to the everlasting smoke grenades and incendiary grenades, which is an issue tagged as resolved on the bug tracker, but is still extant on the oct 12th build. I also suspect that when we get an updated stable build this issue will be solved...

I have noticed this on very rare occasionstoo - the game seemingly taking a lot of "thinking time" before firing or moving. Often the console log explains what is going to happen (eg wounding/killing one of my troops) before the engine catches up and displays it, as you say sometimes taking 5 to 10 mins. No idea of the cause, but it does appear to happen for me when I am trying to chase down the last alien.

Feature Requests / Re: Variant starts for 2 level bases
« on: October 30, 2013, 04:01:23 pm »
What role are UAV's intended to play? Light combat craft? Scouts?

User modifications / Re: Custom UI
« on: October 30, 2013, 12:07:39 pm »
Read the thread - it explains. It is the standard UI in the 2.6 dev version though... alas, 2.6 has a number of issues at the moment that make the campaign unplayable IIRC (the main one for me being the inability to perform research).

Discussion / Re: Map sizes?
« on: October 30, 2013, 12:05:57 pm »
As has been said, sensible use of smoke grenades tip the balance way in your favour, regardless of starting positions. If your troops are all in the dropship, a cloud or two of smoke near the exit(s) allow to to peek out in relative saftey and start the shooting. If spread out, the first thing I always do is drop a few smokes and regroup into teams. The fact that aliens will not shoot into smoke is a little bit gamebreaking, but at least some of them do make suicide rushes into smoke to do some point blank murdering.

Design / Re: Alien Containment Unit
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:48:57 am »
I have no problem with there being a kill count, and a few corpses of each species being kept on hand for "research" purposes, but have a divided opinion about them being sold off. If there was not a ready supply from other combat not involving PHALANX, then there might be a market for them, otherwise they would have no inherant value.

H-Hour, why not make the Particle Blaster a close combat skill weapon? I mean, its useless at anything other than point blank range anyway.

I use the SMG a LOT early game for troops with close combat skill and decent accuracy (troops with rubbish accuracy get the microshotgun for death or glory close combat murdering) to harass the enemy at range - especially if they have strength in the 30 to 32 range and cant carry a full load of kit with a heavier weapon. It is nigh on useless when alien armour shows up though, but that is totally appropriate. EP rounds for it would be a welcome addition.

As for a EP shotgun round... perhaps the range and accuracy of the plasma blaster could be nerfed further rather than the damage, whilst tweaking the shotgun accuracy up a little, giving us a plasma blaster that will kill anything close in (so a slightly longer range flamethrower) but wont hit anything regularly from more than say 6 to 8 tiles away, and a shotgun that will badly maim anything if it hits, with reasonable accuracy up to 10 tiles or so? A EP shotgun with a lower weight would be a more than sensible alternative to a heavy plasma blaster for power armoured troops who might not have the strength for heavy armour and heavy weapon.

I 100% agree that some kind of EP round (or some human tech based plasma weapon) for colse ocmbat is needed - the close combat tech tree is pretty much done by mid game with plasma blasters, plasma blades and laser pistols (until very late game if you can keep a ready supply of PB pistol ammo, which I find hard to do). A EP Shotgun similar to the blasters ball fire mode maybe, SMG rounds like Assault rifle lite, or some kind of plasma torch derived from the flame thrower/plasma blade even.

I tend to use EP over the PB line as the PB line has not so great accuracy so single shots at mid range or greater often miss (when multiple single sots form laser or EP would hit), and the rifle lacks an automatic fire mode for close in stopping power. This is best shown with the PB blaster. You only hurt an alien if you hit it, which is where the HMG is better. More on that later.

As regards the current implementation of EP - it is designed to be an armour penetrator, and is justified in game with the research text. I am under the impression that limitations within the game mechanics are responsible for its behaviour regarding unarmoured targets, but to be fair by the time I have them in my arsenal the enemy are all heavily armoured save for the Shevaar (who have natural armour according to thier fluff text in any case). It is fairly overpowered, but no more so than PB weapons, and there is something nice about defeating the alien horde with weapons based on human ingenuity rather than taking wepons from the hands of dead aliens and using them back on them.

As for machine guns... I use them early game primarily as a support weapon, with typically no more than one per squad, two at maximum. Its user hangs back a little from combat and saturates an area with fire. Yes, it is horribly innacurate, but more than cabable of softening up enemies at range, especially the basic hovernet and bloodspiders who will not reaction fire back at you, or when firing from smoke in the first few rounds of combat, or at enemies who have no TU's left, be it from thier movement or a flashbang. I drop it midgame for the Heavy laser which I use as a long range assault weapon just like the normal Laser rifle, but late game when heavily armoured enemies and EP rounds come around it reverts back to its support role. It may attract reaction fire, but at long range this fire is often innacuate, and the sheer number of rounds it fires will land a few hits, wounding pretty much anything badly, especially with EP rounds. Consider the needler - it fulfils a similar role, but with worse accuracy, lower per projectile damage, and a lot more projectiles with similar TU use and more weight than a HMG.

Of course, with so many different approaches to combat possible, YMMV.

A drag and drop system (similar to how weapons are equipped) to assign troops to a drop ship is a brilliant idea, but also probably a right pain in the ass to code I would imagine.

That overlaps with the EP rounds a lot IMHO.

Honestly, once you get EP rounds onto the field, there is no need for any other weapon in the assault slot. The assault rifle with them penetrates armour, has high damage, decent accuracy, decent rate of fire in terms of TU's, a full auto mode and a light weight. The HMG with them makes the needler look stupid.

Mind you, I do make heavy use of laser pistols and plasma blasters. The laser pistol is my standard weapon for someone not strong enough to carry a front line weapon, and then they get loaded up with grenades, medkits and ammo for others, thanks to its lightness and improved accuracy compared to other light weapons.

Feature Requests / Re: A few ideas for bases
« on: October 20, 2013, 10:15:43 pm »
... and most importantly, how fucking long turns would be? The way the morale mechanic works would also be an issue, when 30 civvies get gunned down in one turn...

Discussion / Re: Why sometimes reaction fire not working? (2.5)
« on: October 18, 2013, 06:46:43 pm »
Or you could always set the Blaster to have the snap shot fire mode for reaction fire - it is a little more accurate than the ball fire mode IIRC, and has the same TU cost. You could go over the top and set it to the 3-round burst mode, but that costs a total of 12 TU.

Discussion / Re: Why sometimes reaction fire not working? (2.5)
« on: October 17, 2013, 10:59:35 pm »
You are right - sometimes, on reaction fire, soldiers will not shoot. Reaction fire is not a "100% certain get a shot off" thing - it is unrealistic to expect a soldier to successfully react to the enemy each and every time, especially as the aliens have superior reflexes to humans. This, IMHO, is a good thing - you should play agressivley, not sit back and hope to "react" to all alien sightings.

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