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Discussion / Re: Quick easy question.
« on: October 02, 2008, 01:02:46 am »
Is that restriction to 8
a) a matter of extending several menues (HUD, base menues,..., and some #define) OR
b) something buried deep down in the core of the engine ??

Coding / MSVC ?
« on: October 02, 2008, 12:43:27 am »
I loved to play X-COM back then.

It's August 2nd in my 2.2.1 game at std level and I'm running out of things to research. I only noticed a handfull of minor bugs so far (and a lot of missing/uncompleted features, of course). So I have to say:
Great job, guys. THANK YOU very much for giving us this game :)

I guess the next step for me should be to dive into the 2.3 SVN version and help to fix the remaining bugs by reporting them (at least).
To do so, I need to compile SVN src. And sure enough, I'd like to use the debugger before reporting ;)
Problem is, my favourite IDE is MSVC 6.0 SP 5. Allthough the original engine seems to have been developed with MSVC, forum search revealed that none of the devs here seems to use MSVC.
So here are my first questions:

1) Is there anybody around who uses MSVC to compile it ?

2) Are there some docs I missed about how to set up MSVC to compile it (like required switches eg. /J etc.) ?

3) Is there some architectural overview for the src ? eg. which dir contains what and how it all works together ? (I'm not talking about the calltree).


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