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Artwork / Re: Need a modeler?
« on: June 02, 2008, 01:13:37 pm »
No objections to this one, if you make a model I'll write it up. It'll go in the research tree as a follow-up proposal after the Bolter is researched.

I'll whip up a model in no-time. Stay tuned.

All my arguments against a workable infantry gattling gun still stand, and this idea is even more complicated and unworkable since the barrels would take far too much time to spin up to speed to be effective as a rifle and there would still be no way to carry a decent amount of worthwhile ammo.

Hm...wouldn't the time needed for the barrels to spin up depends on the way they spin? In other words, the acceleration and max RPM the engine that's spinning them can produce. Alternatively, the barrels can be put on "constant spin" during a mission, so the gun always fires at maximum rate.

Ammo is (and is suposed to be) the biggest problem. As far as I know, modeling the ammo backpack and animating it might be too much work.

If it's caseless or energy based, then that can explain how you can fit a lot of ammo in a single, large clip. It would still require controled bursts (like the Avenger cannon on the A10), probably electronicly controlled safeguards so you dont' spend too much ammo.

PHALANX is a military organisation, its weapons were hand-picked for quality and effectiveness against the alien forces, and it would never use weapons that are all but useless on a real battlefield. No soldier worth his salt would ever use one of these tiny-magazined, unreliable pieces of arse and recoil over a good rifle or SMG. They wouldn't even choose those things over a half-decent 9mm pistol, which is why there is no military in the world that employs them as a sidearm. Quoting from the Wikipedia page:

Thought as much. I know they arne't very realistic, but they are cool.
Of course, if you can somehow get around the huge recoil (a air coushin system like the one used in the VHS rifle could work. That rifle is almost recoil-less) and ammo storage (caseless ammo? bigger magazine?) problems, then it doesn't sounds as unrealistic anymore.
The game is supposed to take place in the future, so some advancements in already existing tech + miniaturization should be feasable. Just saying.

Artwork / Re: Need a modeler?
« on: June 02, 2008, 11:23:47 am »
What's the size, format and color depth for those research images?

Oh, and as far as the weapon ideas go, I got "just" 3:

1. Coligun sniper - a.k.a. Obliderator

Railguns are efficient for assualt rifles (Bolter), but the constant strain the EM forces put on the rails causes them to vibrate and eventually pull apart, wearing them down and requireing regular replacements.
Coligun uses several ring shaped accelerators. While it requires more fine electronis and more capacitors (each ring has it's own), thus making it more power hungry, the EM force is distributed evenly, so no vibrations or deformations of the ring occur. As a result, the colgun is more accurate and capable of achieving greater muzzle velocity, but it's re-fire rate is slower.


2. Gattling assult hybrid - a.k.a. Vindicator

The bastard child of a minigun and assault rifle. Uses either caseless ammo or is energy-based. Lightweight and expensive as hell, but enables obscene ammounts of firepower.
the 3 rotating barrels can be locked in single-fire mode, or can rotate freeley to achive a full speed gattling burst.


3. High-powered pistol of DOOM

Desert Eagle 99, Automag X, whatever you want to call it - this is the epitome of conventional sidearm deadliness. A huge gun with a huge catridge and a even bigger punch. When you positively, absolutely, definately wan your opposition deader than dead...or when you jsut want to show off!

something like this, alltough a bit more high-techy:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Feature Requests / Re: Local troops?
« on: June 02, 2008, 11:13:21 am »
This really needs in...Would add flavor...F'course, you might need to increase the number of hostiles on such mission to keep the challenge rating.

Hmm..I've yet to play a base defense your workers/scientists appear inside the base when you're defending? Do they have some basic weapon (like a pistol?)

Artwork / Re: Need a modeler?
« on: June 02, 2008, 12:32:49 am »
A SVN checkout! Goodie, alltouhg I don't need it ATM.

First I'm gonna read a bit on some of the specifics and start with some simpler items to warm up....and make a concept sketch or two
Mind if I do a few weapons or static map items? (got a few neat ideas)

Oh, b.t.w. - I can do some research images too.

Artwork / Re: Need a modeler?
« on: June 01, 2008, 11:32:40 pm »
Hmmm...haven't animated anything using skeletal animation (7 years of modeling and I still haven't looked into that...realyl ougt to do that. Doesn't sound complicated).

Well, I'll look into it...can I get the current armor model in some format...I work in 3DMAx and Truespace,'s always useful to have a reference

Artwork / Need a modeler?
« on: June 01, 2008, 09:52:12 pm »
Heya people.

I just downloaded this game and gave it a try, and boy was I impressed. I have no idea how I haven't heard about it sooner, since I like strategic/tactical games like this and I'm moving around the modding/gaming circles a lot.

Anyway, I'm a long-time modeler/modder and I was wondering if you guys need a hand (Is pecialize in non-organic stuff :P )and wanted to ask some questions:

1. Are all items/weapons already decided or is there room for more? (and if so, how is it decided what goes in?)

2. What are the usual polygon ranges and texture specifics for creatures/weapons/ map objects?

3. If I were to help around, where tobegin? What's currently needed the most?

Oh, here's a link to my Homepage with images of my past work, in case someone is interested.

Discussion / Re: regarding gatling/minigun
« on: June 01, 2008, 09:48:26 pm »
Personally, I'd like something like this:

A bastard child of a gattling cannon and assault rifle. I suppose it would have to use caseless ammo or be energy of these days I'm gonna put it in the game.

Feature Requests / Local troops?
« on: June 01, 2008, 09:37:16 pm »
One thing I haven't seen so far - it would be nice if you encountered local troops trying to contain aliens, and not only civilians.

Local troops would be be regular soldiers armed with assault rifles and other conventional weapons and they would help you fight aliens (but wouldn't be under your control).

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