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Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 06, 2012, 10:11:34 pm »
Progress so far.
Texturing is very time consuming, but - fun.

Bout exporting, I'm still experimenting. I hate blender render engine, that's why many materials won't work properly in it, as I use Cycles render engine.

I attached blend file too, just in case. If sometime, someone will take time and will guide me, how to do it properly and show me it alive - I'll consider full-way project working. I mean, I'll do all way through in modeling, but right after I'll understand system.

Please, be conservative to changes, as I tried many shapes and designs, coming to such appealing one wasn't easy for me. As well I put many "realistic" touch in it (As we can imagine in it '-.-). If needed, I can write full information data. As well I have idea to preview picture to aircraft's, but that's another topic.

As well I have design question - how many weapon slots it'll have? Cu'z 2 'projectile' slot's I made already (shaft style doors near pilot. Those aren't thrusts, as, I guess, people guessed. Those are weapons). If aircraft battle system will work as I immagine, than some weapon slotting will be kinda interesting.

Artwork / Re: Alien supply ship
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:29:04 pm »
I like one with 'Y' joint style. 'Course, it's little bit less alien-style, but this one is much much more interesting and detailed with overall look, than blocky style.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 06, 2012, 12:10:00 pm »

I thought it should be nice, to show progress so far.

I have question: does .md2 use alpha channels as transparent units, or not? Cuz I wan't place text on separate flats for many purposes, but can't figure, does engine support such feature.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:00:06 am »
Nice model. Really nice. But being the tech guy I am, cannot skip asking following questions:
1) Six engines, right?
2) Why only 4 of them get shaped intake ducts, while the front ones get only the outline?
3) What is the point of wedge-shaped gap between the front engines' intakes and the outer small part of fuselage?

1)No, 2 ultimate, top-end-edge engines ever build by humanity, acting as powerful enough, to power such aircraft, making it fighter and drop-ship too. As well, they're vertical thrust engines.

2)Those engines don't use much air, as they're not on aerodynamic basis, but air pressure technique, mixing little oxygen with liquid oxygen as fuel. Such method is very experimental, that's why Hyperion is only aircraft with such technology. It's still experimental prototype, so, massive production isn't option. As well, such cutting-edge tech isn't fairly cheap.
'Bout top intake ducts - they're not for main engines. For more effective take-off and landing, additional small engines were added at bottom aileron. As well they work as additional extreme maneuverability function to craft, but such overload is pretty heavy for pilot and crew, so that option is used only in emergency purpose.

3)Well, can you describe, why all artists in world won't draw anime for me? I can't. So, can I describe, why I wanted add this gap? Sure I can, but it won't change any-thing. I like it as it is and, though, it look more interesting, than just boring wing-like thing from main hull. By this gap, it's making little bit more interesting form. ;D

Feel free to test me more. I like it XD.

Design / Re: Things to learn from Xenonauts?
« on: October 05, 2012, 08:40:49 pm »
Dunno, In all tactical and squad based games I played (many... many.... MANY GAMES), I stick to 6 person in squad.

Tactical games with possibility to make more, I always ignored that and anyway made team with 6 persons. I don't know why, as well there's no significant difference, but 6 is great for me. So, no problem with current layout.

'bout xenonauts - I saw it - well, it's good. But why I want to help UFOAI project? Actually, I rly don't know. I love x-com, as well I can't see any big difference from all games (except shooter x-com... OMG, It's so wrong, but let's not speak bout that abomination), and I think it's great, as it's x-com core.

Still, there's something into UFOAI, something: mysterious. Xenonauts is nice, but UFOAI - Is great. Let's hope we'll make it DA BEST! XD

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 05, 2012, 08:09:41 pm »
I wonder why nobody mentioned your lovely avatar yet.

Seems everybody is only looking at those pretty aircraft models here.  ;D

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 05, 2012, 07:25:52 pm »
When you edit a post we don't get any notice that it's been changed. Please add your images and comments to a new post or we're likely to miss it.

1024x1024 is our preferred size for an aircraft. If you want to work at 2048x2048 that's fine too, although we'll rescale when it goes into the game.


I beginn work with 1024, so, don't wan't to change it for more. As well, I think, as it is now - it's more than enough.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 05, 2012, 02:55:35 pm »
Nice work on the two-part model. Simple, clear interior that will be easy to integrate into the battlescape's grid system.

One request for the interior texturing: since this will be a fighter/dropship, can you draw onto the walls some straps or something that could be used to strap the soldiers in? I imagine they'd get tossed around pretty bad in the back while the pilot is dogfighting if they didn't have some way to anchor to the walls.

Funny thing, I thought so too, that's why I already working on that :D.

Design / Fire animation dellay.
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:51:29 am »
If it's possible, make firing/attack animation execute after some delay, when command was given. As well, as before firing, delay should execute "ready to fire" state, removing glitchy animations, when using weapons, like shooting just from standing idle and then putting weapon to idle again.

Design / Base defense cameras, spotting aliens.
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:40:04 am »
Idea simple as pie. Top-secret underground base MUST have observing security cameras. So - if simply put idea - when aliens attack, they all are always visible to PHALANX soldiers/defenders (thought, if stealth aliens will be, they are exception then), and by that, base defense should be great and appealing game-play experience, neither like searching for damn last one half an hour.

Nothing fancy, no modeling or hardcore overkill programming. Just as visible everything on map, which, kinda, will work.

Of course, nothing like that shouldn't be on other maps, as it won't be interesting, but for base defense - I think, it should be great implementation.

Design / Re: Alien Tank designs ideas and proposals
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:32:47 am »
I'll make that first page last one. It's cool and easy to make.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:24:15 am »
Yeah, very promising shape. Can you show some more with interior, etc? Just so you know, we'll need two types of models:

1. A complete model with (preferably) not too many polys for flying around the geoscape.

2. A 2-part model that allows us to hide one part to show the soldier interior (see how the firebird is done).

I can do some texturing work if you're not good at it, but I would at a minimum need it to be unwrapped elegantly.

(other positives: shapes look easy to create no-clips for in radiant, looks like a nice reasonable size to fit on a dropship tile, yes to the 2084 tech and not sci-fi opera).

I'll do first one tomorrow.

'bout texturing - nah, I'm master of all digital trades, except, pure art, so I'll handle it XD. Just wait day or 2, and you'll see ;D.

I think it would just perfect for Hyperion.

The campaign doesn't support more than one pilots per craft, so we should stick to one.


I thought so. Ok, let it be so! One master pilot should be good enough too!

Cool model. I am into 3d models, too. May I know what program have you used? I cannot find any reliable program able to export the files to .md2 apart from that horrible fragMOTION! I can use the Sketchup quite well, but I have no idea how to export the files in an usable format...

Used - almighty Blender (I prefer it to 3D's max, but max should be good too. Still, blender warms my heart much more :D).
'bout exporting - I'll gather knowledge 'bout exporting right after I'll finish texturing, when I'll have ready model for doing so. So, wait till that time, and I'll share any Intel, I'll gather. May be, there's some plugins for Blender, but, I think, 3D's max 86% of chance, that he has proper plugin for such exporting maneuvers.

Artwork / Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 04, 2012, 06:17:10 pm »
After some unappealing designs, I come to this one, made in 3 hours.

Design isn't sci-fi opera, but 2084 tech style, if you approve that.

Idea was top secret project of nations to experimental stealth fighter/dropship. It'll carry 6 PHALANX fighters and 2(or 1 pilot, if 2 is overkill). It's better than stilleto and, kinda, close, but not very, to Dragon class. But all that is just my idea, ballance work is for you, people.


As promised, Updated. I finished unwrapping (wheef, it's always taking so much time... and it's so much fun, to play LEGO with all maps I made). Tomorrow I'll start drawing textures, so for today, it's enugh.

I, as well, did optimizing and managed to make interior-less model to 498 tris and landed one - to 568 tris. As well, I made very low-poly one too, for geoscope. 246 tris. (green one)

Ah, I did landed one just like it's needed. I even, somehow, managed to fit in all textures... thought, interior will be, kinda, low-quality textured, but, oh well - it still be gonna good ;D.

As well, right after I'll finish texturing, I'll make, as well crashed craft one too.

After drop-ship, I'm planing onto alien tank (that last one on legs), if no one will stop me. As well I want to discuss some other design things, but all must by one by one, not all together. Let's finish one topic, at begin.

Or, may be, I should remade that awful Heracles drop-ship? hm? I, actually, have nice concept idea to heavy transporter, with realistic non - sci-fi design, and, as well, much much cutter XD.


So far, so good. Texturing is long time work, but it's funny to watch, how work take some awesome shape.

I'm making 1024 texture, and it look good, so far. Still, if using 512, as in comparison example, it's pretty blur. Dunno, but I want moar power of engine :P.

First one:

Mission Mansion (small one), :Important person lives here:, last alien sin't physically on map, or should I say - it's not even in map, but game say's, it is. Leaving territory by abandon, system said there was last alien survivor (who killed all civilians, as I leave territory). Don't have save now.

Second one:

Such missions, as above, have strange bug. If save before enter it in geoscape, loading this save makes it disappear in pause mode. As I start time, it appear again. Same one.

Third one:

In base defense maps, defense structures, such as missile battery and laser defense, on surface has wrongly placed antennas in mirror side. I mean, they were 180degrees turn upside down.

Fourth one:

Can't say for sure, but research log on object: Alien targeting (or somehow like that. Alien computer, for sure), in preview window had inverted faces, so, object textures were from inside. As well they were too big, for minimal zoom in window to fit.

Sry, can't find any screenshots I made. Thought, they weren't screened at all, as I guess now.

Save games won't change much, so, I'll give everything what asked, if need. As well I'll answer questions too.

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