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Artwork / Re: Herakles Revised
« on: October 18, 2012, 11:49:50 pm »
Doesn't matter now ^^. I'll do more, than just mesh.

Artwork / Re: Herakles Revised
« on: October 17, 2012, 08:04:21 pm »
Finally back, after finishing some work, clearing XCOM enemy unknown 2 times (classic and normal Iron Man mode (now playing in IM classic. If interest in multilayer gaming, use steam and PM me)) and killed my laptop fan (T.T), I'm ready to finish things I started.

Here's update of progress (interior added and little more detail. Still, I won't change shape, as it gonna make too much tris, but I had one idea. I won't do it, only if heavy asked.).

I put blender file for one ting - please, tell me, if door wide is proper for 2 human beings. After that, I'll start texturing.

Offtopic / Re: Firaxis Games announces XCOM: Enemy Unknown
« on: October 10, 2012, 09:59:27 am »
I know 'bout this months ago. I knew it's concept months ago. I know, how game-play is build by weeks ago. In my country, near russia, I follow all gaming news from, where I got many many many information 'bout upcoming project.

'Bout hardcore - there's many chooses from pussycat (even your mom can play) and "imposiblue" (your mom can't handle this, even your granma) Before impossible, there's classic. Classic is what we, x-com fans, must expect to choose, as this will crush your dreams on easy game-play and will suck your life energy for many hours.

'Bout gui - it's beautiful and veeeeeeeery comfortable. As well, 'bout section units - it's great implementation, as then perks(!) will make very big deal to soldiers.

Soldiers are less in count (I love that, 'cuz original x-com method: as much possible - better, is wrong. Super-soldiers are much much effective, as well, it's much easier control less. Less chance to make mistakes.), as well many many customization ways. You can make your little very own personalized soldiers, and cry real tears, when one of them dies (common problem on classic. Thought, it's really hard), when you had thrown him from hell 5 times.

FINALLY there's normal "rescue" system, when you must get close to civilians, for rescuing them. It's most needed thing I ever wanted, as from that now, terror missions are terribly hard.

'Bout feeling - believe me, all you're "too cartoonish" gonna perish in hell, when your sniper with 5 hp points, who owned battlefield, faces cyberdisk, who is in offensive mode... holy cr*p, that thing scare's sh*t out of me.

And, finnaly, last afterword - those, who can't accept all that, should then open 5th chakra and contribute many many many upgrades to UFOAI. Make project shine!

Artwork / Re: Herakles Revised
« on: October 09, 2012, 09:27:49 pm »
It needs to be somewhat smaller than 2x2, because we will need to place it into the future 2x2 dropship hangars. Beside that, I am used to make things big, you know :).

About the pics above, to be honest, to me it looks somewhat 'ordinary' as it is right now. I mean, thereĀ“s nothing to make it look/feel unique in some way.

Well, that was the point, as x-com universe is ordinary things in upgraded version. Still, I'm try'ing to thing something, though, form is still pretty neat and any more modifications will break it apart. But I have one idea, though, this week I have much work, so, currently, can't show any progress.

Artwork / Re: Herakles Revised
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:19:23 pm »
If i understand correctly what i have seen in game - Herakles is all-human tech (doesn't need any alien material or parts). That's strange however, I research it alongside with Stingray.

Given it's a big and heavy aircraft it seems that two engines not enough - tree or even four for balancing lifting power. IIRC there are many complaints to Osprey regarding it's stability and safety. That's main reason why it's not widely used by military.

I think near future VTOL craft would be something like this (only small craft at the moment). In a bit more far future engines will be electrical powered by more advanced batteries or generator.

And i really would like ability to leave dropship in tree directions instead of only one.
1th - I read speculations 'bout implementing alien tech. Well, it should be considered, as false for now and I focus design toward human - tech.
2th - In 1942 To power 56.9 tonnes Tiger I, 514.8 kW was used.  To power 67.6 tonnes M1 Abrams, 1,120 kW is used. Considering geometrical progression of computing power evolution, I assume that in 2084 even one engine is too much for classic plane. Minimized heavy lifter should have more than enough to power such craft, without helping stabilizers.
3th - That design is too "sci-fi futuristic". I mean - it's clear, that designer of that craft imagined it's design by very basic classic futuristic sci-fi art. It's even little bit retro.
In my vision, x-com should use still contemporary  design, but with much more advanced tech. For better understanding: Imagine that 24 core processor units is standard component of every pc on earth. It's not sci-fi, but, still, it's futuristic.
4th - It's already like that. I mean, I planned ike that at very begin. I just don't cut interior yet.

One thing to keep in mind: ideally, I would like it if all of our dropships fit onto a 2x1 RMA tile. This would reduce the amount of wasted space we have around the dropship on maps and in many cases would help get soldiers into cover and interesting terrain more quickly.

The current Herakles is the only dropship that accomplishes this (sort of) by having a break-away drop-pod, so that the full vehicle is never seen on the battlescape. 2x1 may just be too small to pull off (ShipIt, do you have some thoughts on this?). But the smaller we can keep our drop-ships the better (yours looks like it could make it onto a 2x2 tile, so that could work).

On the design: I like the overall shape. To be honest, you can use more polys to round those engines add a bit more detail in the battlescape version (current poly level is good for geoscape).

Indeed, I designed it compact. And I don't like idea of leaving less space 'round ship, cuz, even if those are elite pilots, too close quarters is very dangerous place, to land vehicle. It's still normal, to have some space 'round, as it's more "realistic". Even future have it's rules. For cover - aircraft must be crew shield, and, as I want it design right now, it should provide some neat defence.
I don't like idea of drop-pod for many reasons: a- bad cover, b- very bad craft self-defence ability (some randomly lucky its to joints, and pod is travelling it's way to earth... don't tell me, that's lame. That is very reasonable.), c- deploy and take-off time consuming. To effectively deploy and leave territory, craft must be 'round. If it's pod, which break apart and builds again, it's definitely slow and ineffective process. And imagine, if you wan't abandon mission and try to reach safe zone. Now, imagine, that, as you, in reality, wait for pod to close, aircraft to catch it and leave territory: I assume half of your men gonna die. So, any questions, why pod is bad?

Well" just for now, I won't overdose with poly, as there will be significant add from interior and segmenting, so, for now, It should look like that. But, 'course, after I'll finish segmenting, I'll try optimize and enhance it shape.

Artwork / Herakles Revised
« on: October 09, 2012, 12:27:41 am »
I must say it - current design is HORRIBLE!

I know, to change that, much work must be done and it isn't easy, but still...

I'm still trying to learn, how to do things by myself, as I want tune up many assets, but can't dive in fully right now.

Here goes fast/rough design of my implementation of herakles dropship. I assume that doors will be by sides and back.

At start I wanted to give it rotor engines, as it's pretty realistic comparing x-com universe tech basis, but, though, if alien tech will be used for such craft, than alien propulsion engines will take place of advanced alien tech. If there's doubts bout such craft realism and possibility to exist for them, please read 'bout modern vtol aircrafts, especially Osprey craft, which I take as reference. It's more plane'ish, difference from my design is clear... but it's 2084, so, thought, some tech MUST advance, so - let's imagine, that blueprint was experimental before, but lack of engine power for such compact (comparing to modern VTOL airplane Osprey as design), made it frozen. Like that. So, tell me, what do you think.

Ah, and if you realy realy realy don't want to do additional work, I'll than try to learn more and implement it by myself. XD

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 08, 2012, 11:40:50 pm »
So, do I need write correct data, or should do it someone else (more knowledgeable)?

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 08, 2012, 06:57:40 pm »
In the *spoiler*tech tree outline*spoiler* I'm working towards, it's actually placed in the middle game, so it's pretty flexible in terms of the technology used. I think we're not meant to be able to manufacture alien materials, but that's why we salvage them from disassembled UFOs, if I understand that correctly.

Well, as I remmember in base description - hyperion is early game. But, well, I guess it's much more better, if placed in mid game. As well, If needed, modifications toward intel can be done, attaching some alien tech (alien materials for sure, as it's armored craft). And you just remainded me one thing. I wanted to make much more beatifull version of heracles craft, as this one - is... you get it. Don't worry, model making is easy and fast, so tommor you'll se my concept of such craft. As well, I took some 30 min on sniper rifle model.
It should be put in another topic, when I'll add assault rifle, machine gun and smg updated versions.
And I'll finish crashed one by any moment.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 08, 2012, 05:59:48 pm »
Nano-tubes are the base of the Alien technology. Another research article we have says (Alien Materials (?) ), that we couldn't manage to make them. And Hyperion should be an early, completely human/tech based craft.... so the story needs adjustments...


That's, actually, base reference. I not intended to make fully fledged ufopedia data, so adjustments any way must be done :P. As well, yes, I miss-watched that, somehow... but saracen intel says its using such tech... mystique?

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 08, 2012, 10:36:45 am »
And some info.

Project, originally, was made by Russians at early 2045, but, as lack of tech, project was freeze. After so many years, current knowledge gave access to unbelievable successive working prototypes.

Using so much powerful thurst engines result in ability to fly without wings, relaying on thurst air pressure, rather than on aerodynamics. Thursts, as well, are advanced vertical thurst system implementation, which is very important for drop-ship aircraft.
As it's easy noticeable  ship is all covered in cutting-edge production advanced nano-tube alloy plating. Some of those plating are very durable and physically inpenetrable cover, for defending important sections of craft.
Other, most of them, are boosted stealth alloys, making craft invisible (for electronic warfare), despite it's clearly heavy architecture. Of 'course, it's not good as Saracen stealth technology guidelines, but it's still considerably much better, than it should be. Stealth plating, in advance, gives considerable protection too.

As Hyperion have many secondary vertical thurst engines, it's quite maneuverable craft, but as developer suggest, it's quite harsh for crew to do so. If craft is only piloted, than such ability is neat, but with crew aboard, aircraft should stick to classic air combat acrobatics. May be, professional pilot skills can change that, but it still depend on crew readiness.

Did I mentioned, that only 6 crew members can be transported? Well, now you know. You must understand, that for advanced fighting and transporting abilities, some sacrifice is required.

As Mass production of such craft is considerably high, nations still agree to release mass produced versions, as prototype stage was early finished. Current service release is first. I can tell for sure, that next modification release won't be released soon, as I can't foresight any more cutting-edge tech humanity has, to improve current craft build.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 08, 2012, 01:39:00 am »

I, currently, can't make normal map, as I didn't made high-poly mesh, as well I can't do that in image editor too, as using normal map making plugins don't reveal pleasant achievements (may be, if I render light-map and add it to texture, may be plug-in generated normal map should be much more nicer... I'll give it a try.).

So, I attached archive with blend files (I don't want to export them in other formats now, as realy tired and should do some work first, so, bare with me. It was great pleasure to spent free time to Hyperion, but I should spend some time to work too, as 0 progress is kinda noticeable :P).

blend files have 3 type of models: geoscape, battlemap and flying/closed one (for flight mode, with closed drop section.)

I'll make crushed one tomorrow.

Our wiki has some information about exporting from Blender, although it may be out of date. Please give it a shot and update the wiki if you find anything incorrect.

If you're unable to get it working, don't worry. Provide a OBJ file of the model and I will get it to MD2 for you. We'll probably rename the MD2 and texture files before we add it anyway, so this is not a problem for us.

Please also specify what license you are willing to release under. We prefer GNU General Public License 2.0 or later. But we're also happy with CC BY-SA 3.0 if you'd prefer that.

I choose GNU 2.0.

As I see now, only normal map, reflect map and crashed one is needed. Something else?

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 07, 2012, 09:16:26 pm »
Players can rotate the model on the UI to any direction. So, it doesn't need much details, but don't make it simply grey-painted, please.


Yes, I remembered that after a while. As well, I didn't considered left it grey. It just won't be much detailed, as detailing take 'lot of time.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 07, 2012, 07:48:57 pm »
Looking very nice. You're right, no one will see the bottom unless we crash it! :)

Oh, right, forgot 'bout crashing. Damn, much more work to do T.T. But ok, thx for reminding.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 07, 2012, 07:09:34 pm »
So, almost there. Interior and bottom hull part left. (Bottom wouldn't bee much detailed, as no one will look there so much. Except, if  air combat will work as intended, than I'll make little update, where bottom textures would be little more detailed.)

I haven't draw textures since very looooong time ago, so I work pretty slow... still, I'm glad, progress is pretty fast.

Thought, If I tried to make high-poly object first and make textures from that, making low-poly model textures should be faster and easier... but, thought, If do like I do now - textures are making additional depth by themselves, which is - great.

After I'll finish texturing, I'll try to add little bit more detail, by adding chassis... I'm against them, as I know by personal experience: professional pilots can land crafts so smooth, that you can't even tell, are you landed yet. And as phalanx recruit only best of the best... so, plane, designed for cover troops by itself on land, must land with all its body. So chassis - is bad. Anyway, I'll ad small ones, which won't make any big difference in height.

As well - may be, someone have nice interior textures? As I'll be more than happy to put some to use.

Artwork / Re: Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 07, 2012, 12:00:05 pm »
Not sure if I got this right. For sure nobody will touch your work here without need.

Oh, I meant, that people can use it, as it's contribution to open-source project. What I mean - if changes must be done, consider them minimal, as for me - making design for this drop ship was one hell of a ride XD.

But, well, it's ok. I should finish texturing today, so, ship soon will be ready. I still wan't to learn better, how I should export it properly, so, please, If anyone downloaded current .md2 files, can you tell, does it work right? (As there's no attached texture still, that shouldn't be error for now).

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