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Nevertheless, does anyone thought about creating a tool to migrate the 2.3 saved games to 2.4?
There should be a way...

I can try to make such tool, all I need is a description of the saved games files.

With whom should I speak to?



Thanks a lot for the information.
It's petty I'm going to loose so many hours of game, but with the new graphics and new items... who cares? I'm starting all over again! ;)

Oh, did you go from 2.3 to 2.4 via an update (apt-get, ubuntu update manager or the like)?
Dude, I wrote my Linux distro... is Arch Linux...  ;)
I don't like Ubuntu anyway... :P

Thanks again and for the team: Congratulation on 2.4!! Excelent work here! Nice graphics, great animations!
I don't play World of Warcraft for more than a week because of UFO:AI... LOL!!

Kind regards,

Hi there!

I was an addict of the old X-Com game... I found this UFO:AI on Arch Linux repos and got addict again! :D

Well, I was running UFO:AI version 2.3.1 and after a full system update I got the new version 2.4.

I started to see my saved games slots empty. I browsed the ".ufoai" folder and found the folders for versions 2.3.1 and 2.4.
I copied the "save" folder from 2.3.1 to 2.4 and now I see my saved games but I can't load them! Any attempt will bring me back to the start screen.

I took a look on the log file and found an error:
2012/05/10 21:08:11 Invalid base index -1
2012/05/10 21:08:11 ...subsystem 'base' returned false - savegame could not be loaded

I spent a lot of hours on the campaign I was playing... I really hope it is possible to fix this error.

System information:
Processor AMD FX6100 (64bits)
Display adapter: NVidia 560GTX with 1Gb
OS: Linux
Distro: Arch Linux
Kernel Version: 3.3.5

Log file and saved games attached...

Kind regards,
Carlos Santos
A new UFO:AI addict! :)

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