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Artwork / Re: Artwork needed
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:47:23 am »
I started going through the textures folders and creating normal maps for files which had none, I've done tex_base, tex_nature, tex_terrain and texture_mattn so far. As I went through I also created some variations on some of the textures, the system I used was: 

 variations on an existing texture: a,b,c etc appended to the original texture name

 Modifications to turn a non tiling texture into a tileable texture: -tile appended to the original texture name

 Normal maps for existing textures and the variations:  _nm appended to the original texture name

 I've done 500+ normal maps so far, and I've nearly finished tex_buildings at time of writing, I'll post updates here as I churn through them.   I don't really know enough about creating specular maps to feel confident doing a lot of them, but I figured even just normal maps for everything would be an improvement.

Normally I would host the files on Open Game Art, but since the licensing is not known for some of the source textures, and since hundreds of normals is not all that useful to other developers, I've gone with rapidshare for this lot, I hope thats not a problem.
Here is tex_base:

The big ones are uploading and are estimated to take another 5 hours, I'll edit this post to add their addresses when they're done.

Artwork / Re: Reimagining Aliens
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:40:36 am »
I've also done some work on their spaceships

so here is what the corrupter looks like now:

And here is an alternate dark version:

And one of the design ideas I had for it, making the whole thing look like a digital projection, like a huge lcd screen.  ultimately It'd be best if it were animated, but even just glowmapped works quite well.

The current carrier:

And alternate designs:

Artwork / Reimagining Aliens
« on: February 07, 2011, 07:55:49 am »
 Just for fun I've been playing around doing retextures of the aliens, I thought I'd make a thread out of it so that people could provide feedback as I'm working on them. Keep in mind, I've done about ten skins for each of these, so some ideas may be present in one place but not another.  If these don't make it into the main game, I might turn them into a mod :)



 For something with "blood" in its name, this thing looks pretty clean and sleek, bright almost. So the first thing I did was darken it up a bit, and add some blemishes to the metal, to make it look battle hardened.  I have a few variations on this theme but essentially they look like this

 then I worked on making it a bit bloodier, particularly the legs, which I can only imagine are likely to have ripped a civilian's guts out recently.  I guess it might even be possible to have them looking all clean until they've killed someone, then bust out the bloody skin.


When I encountered these guys in game for the first time I thought of them as scary, they are big and tough and mean looking. Problem being, currently their light green skin looks almost festive, its hard to be scared of something so bright and visible. So when I started working on them, the first thing I did was to add some more veins, cover them in scales,  and darken the skin a bit, which really made them look more snakelike and creepy.  I've also increased the resolution of the head substantially and brought out a lot of the details which weren't very clear at a lower resolution.  

 Once I'd done that, I did the same thing I had done for the bloodspider, these bastards have just been out butchering humans with their giant swords, they would be covered in blood. So I made one that looked like it had been through a battle or two.

 I like the traditional alien feel of these guys, the big head and eyes.  thing is, as it stands they are almost comical, with their bright red coats, glowing yellow eyes and symbols and their lime green space ships.  So I decided to take a darker, more high tech line with these guys. I decided to take their skin colour as an inspiration for their colour pallete, a pale blue, which goes really well with purple, pink, aqua and blue. So to that end I made their coats purple with glowing aqua symbols


 And for the face, again the increased resolution allowed for more details, so I used shading to increase the fidelity of existing details and to highlight things were possible.  Their eyesockets have been darkened which makes their thoroughly alien pink eyes all the more bizzare. I've also reduced the mouth size, turning it from a comical frown into a thin slitted frog mouth. I think these guys still need more work.


Here is the album of images

Artwork / Question about plant models and landscape textures
« on: February 04, 2011, 01:29:44 pm »
I've noticed there doesn't seem to be much in the way of shrubbery in this game, and as any fan of monty python fan can attest, shrubbery is of critical importance ;)   

 When I was modding fallout 3 I did a greenworld total conversion mod that included many types of grass and shrub, generally they are made of a .png image which is mostly transparent with just the grass or shrub visible, that image is then placed upright  by attaching it to an invisible model in a star or cross shape, so that the grass is visible from multiple angles.  Am I right in thinking this should be possible to implement similarly in UFO:AI? I seem to remember hearing that line of sight through shrubs hadn't been worked out yet, is that all thats keeping us from making shrubs? Is it possible to make objects walk-through-able?  If so, would you guys like me to work on some grass profile images?  Or should I start coding up the shrub line of sight fix?

 Secondly, I note that the line work for roads is implemented as secondary texture layers, can those texture layers be the size of multiple tiles?  Could I, for instance, make a pile of leaves or trash which sat as an extra texture layer over a 4x4 grid?  I ask because I seem to spend a lot of time zoomed out in game, and at that angle the grass tiling is very noticable, if I created a series of large secondary texture layers to break up the monotany of tiling, how likely are they to be implemented? Too hard?  Too unwieldy?   The same kind of thing could be applied to large concreted areas, with a cracked or dirty overlay, would map makers use them if I made them?

 And finally, how about terrain deformation? Can we do persistent burn marks and impact craters (texture only obviously)? It seems a bit strange how little lasting impact a volley of grenades seems to have, if its just a matter of making textures I could work on that too.

 Any pearls of wisdom?


Design / Re: Slight Changes to Existing UFOpedia Files for Realism
« on: February 04, 2011, 01:14:56 pm »
I love your work, hopefully this text gets integrated, the scientific realism is a big thing for me also, and I imagine many other players feel the same way.

Design / Re: Design: Aliens
« on: February 04, 2011, 01:06:46 pm »
I am currently working on some retextures of the existing aliens, and I was just wondering if there was any concept art or design directions for how they should look, what their culture is like and anything else that might help.  Currently I've made the Ortok more evil, giving them scales and veins, darkening their skin a bit as well as covering some in blood. I've also done some work on the bloodspiders, making them a bit less clean and clinical, making them look more dirty and making some covered in blood, particularly the legs.  Are these ideas ok? does anyone have any ideas on how the existing aliens might be spiced up a bit? 

 I've already done some alternate textures for the alien weapons, just making them different shades of blue and making the kerrblades dirtier and bloodier, here are some of the ones I've done so far:

Artwork / 250+ New Alternate Soldier Textures (and more)
« on: February 04, 2011, 11:55:46 am »
Hi guys,  So I've been a bit quiet for a while, but I was still being productive, honest!

  I've been playing UFO:AI quite a bit, and one of the things on the long term goals list has been really starting to bug me, the uniformity of everything and everyone. So I took it upon myself to shake things up a bit and do a bit of a texture mod. So without further ado, here are some of the textures I've been working on:

~250 uniforms and armor textures

70+ male soldier heads, with a combination of races, facial hair and sunglasses to help provide a little bit more individuality to units.

 And here are 50+ Weapon textures to provide some variety to the weapons each soldier carries.

 All of these textures are designed to be relatively subtle while still providing variety, there are few intense colours and they are mostly just simple recolours with no major thematic changes. 

 So now I've done the civilians, the soldiers, the weapons, the uniforms and the armor, next up is the aliens, I'm nearly done, but these uploads are taking so long I probably wont get to them tonight.

Mapping / Re: first mapping attempt
« on: January 30, 2011, 01:25:06 pm »
Great work tilli, I hope we see more from you :)

Mapping / Re: New RMA: Harbour map
« on: January 29, 2011, 12:18:07 pm »
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I did some new shipping container textures that might work well with this theme:

 If there are any other textures that might help you out, let me know :)

Design / Re: Design: Aliens
« on: January 29, 2011, 05:32:22 am »
I don't want to unnecessarily necro a thread, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't warrant a new post. 

 The most oft repeated Trope of alien lore is the bipedal humanoid, and I think it would be a brilliant thing if there were more games that challenged the status quo on this one. So I guess in this post I'm aiming to think outside the box a little. 

 Firstly, if there is not a common evolutionary lineage within the past few million years then there is no reason to assume aliens would be bipedal, the vast majority of creatures on earth are not bipedal. The majority are quadrupeds, but even that is likely a shared evolutionary trait inherited from previous successful organisms and requiring a significant beneficial mutation to overcome. In short, bipeds are likely to be rare, some examples of alternate forms on earth might include:


And the more familiar intelligent forms:


 Other forms not found on earth might be:

 Energy ball
 Shape changing
 Any of these forms could conceivably give rise to intelligence and tool manipulation, and should be considered as likely as a biped.

 It is also worth considering that if Alien beings were composed of substances lighter than air then it might be possible for them to float naturally in our atmosphere, or perhaps they have developed some technology to help them move. Following along those lines, realistically if we were to visit another planet we would be unlikely to be in our raw forms even if the atmosphere were breathable. These points would lead us to believe that an alien on earth would most likely be inside some kind of shell, both for protection and for life support. Possible forms might include:

  For these reasons, and others, I would like to submit the following Ideas:

 rocket propelled shark (flies, fast, strong against physical bullets, weak against fire, uses melee attack)
 Diamond Covered Octopus  (slow, heavily armored, uses multiple weapons )
 Teleporting Armored Energy Ball (heavily armored, can teleport through walls, weak to energy weapons and explosives).
 Shape Changing Cloud (immune to physical weapons, can move through windows, can take on the form of any other creature, weak to fire, explosions and energy weapons)
 Burrowing suicide torpedoes (very hard to target, moves under walls, explodes on impact)
 Hovering Jellyfish (paralyzing melee attack,  can move over debris, weak to physical weapons)

Artwork / Additional Civilian skins
« on: January 27, 2011, 03:40:57 am »
I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so here it is, ~120 new civilian textures. They are just re-colours, but they should break up the monotony and add a bit of individuality to the civilians :) enjoy :)

Artwork / Re: Screenshot Thread Of v2.4 Artwork In Action
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:39:05 pm »
I love those glows, they truly inspired me. the green glow started me thinking, and before you know it I was off on a tangent imagining what an alien homeworld might look like. I then spent a couple of hours trying to recreate my vision The end result was this wallpaper:

and the attached tileable texture.

so thanks! :)

Artwork / Re: Texture replacement thread
« on: January 25, 2011, 09:36:52 am »
Alright, another pack for the texture replacement thread, this one is the shipping containers. Following on from your advice on alternate skins this time I have done six different colours to replace the one from the unknown textures, i figure that'll allow mappers to make more realistic environments by having higgledy piffeldy colours.  I didn't replace container003 because the two sides can just use the same texture so a mapper could just use container01, I can do ones with text like the old one if need be, but it seemed like it might distract more than help build a scene.

 This time I did them with two sizes, original and high res, so you can just slot them right in.  This one was kind of exhausting, i had to make 50+ textures and only ended up replacing 3, still, hopefully it adds something to the project, given I churned out two packs today I might not do any more for a couple of days.

Artwork / Re: Texture replacement thread
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:12:25 am »
Here are another 5 from the list:

Not my best work, it was a bit strange not having a 3D version to compare against.

metal 005 should have a tileable version, maybe It just didn't make it into one of the zips. which zip was it missing from?

edit: here is the tileable version of metal005

Artwork / Re: Texture replacement thread
« on: January 24, 2011, 01:50:32 pm »
Ok I made those textures tile-able and added the fourth metal texture that I'd missed, I also optimized them, halving their filesizes, I'll do this for all my textures from now on. For the fourth texture I included a version with a pole(like the original) and one without so you can decide which works better, I noticed that the pole version wasn't very widely used, I thought maybe a non-pole version might get more use. In any case, Its all in the metal pack on OGA.

 The list of unknowns seems to have grown since I first looked at it, we were at 211 and then we remove a few and now we are at 217, is this one of those never ending projects? :D

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