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Discussion / Re: Feedback 2.3
« on: August 25, 2010, 12:57:12 am »
Some more feedback after playing a little longer -

How about some variance in the number of aliens faced based on the ship damage if any. In the old XCOM you could expect as little as 1 in a small ship mission if it was damaged to as many as a dozen or more in the larger ships if undamaged.

Not sure if it's been fixed or seen but when an alien uses a grenade there's no explosion graphic but the damage does occur to soldier. Also along these lines the AI doesn't seem to use them or gets them rarely in a mission, how about an increase in this aspect?

Sometimes I get odd alien behavior on tactical missions where an alien just walks up to one of my soliders or right by one totally ignoring me which allows me to "execute" them the very next turn. Not sure if it's some kind of morale thing but I've not seen any of the "gone mad" msgs when this happens nor are they going after civilians.

Discussion / Re: Feedback 2.3
« on: August 13, 2010, 12:50:49 am »
And just to clarify, you can also redirect aircraft that have already been given orders (or are automatically returning to base).  I didn't realize it at first and have found it really handy when a fighter pops up near a base when my Firebird is inbound from a mission.   You can turn around and run while your interceptors chase them down.

And as geever says, it's not particularly obvious.  Just ignore the pop-up screen and click on the geoscape.  You'll should see the pink course line change to where you clicked.

Thanks, I thought all the choices I had were in the popup as like you I had a Firebird that I thought had no place to go but to it's destruction.

Lew yard - it just doesn't seem like it's working right in my game as I've watched it for things as little as Plasma Grenades though ship disassembly does seem to take too long also as I don't think I'll ever be able to disassemble all my captured ships  :P In my game I've got 3 production bases - 1 for ship disassembly & 2 for weapons or ships if no weapons are needed.

 A side question to ship disassembly - can you sell/dispose of ships in your yard? Seems like I can only destroy a shipyard instead of being able to look to see what's in a shipyard. I've got 3 shipyards full of ships that I don't think I'll ever be able to disassemble all of them before game is over but do want to disassemble just those where I can get the tech to research or parts I need out of them.

Discussion / Re: Feedback 2.3
« on: August 12, 2010, 01:32:22 am »
Forgive me if these have already been mentioned but soo much to read to catch up on but some things I've noticed in the 2.3 stable version -

1) UFOpedia - no pre or post research desciption for Starchaser, no pre research desc for the Stingray, no info on the bomb item, no stats for the Kerrblade, Plasma blade nor plasma grenade once researched.

2) In my game, it seems like there's way too many UFO missions happening, between 6-10/day so you don't get time to rest any injured soldiers.

3) I've had a few UFO's recently just disappear from radar or suddenly appear on radar near base almost like it lands but no terror mission comes up or it leaves the atmosphere. Not sure if this is WAD to represent the Alien's ability to adapt to my technology lvl or a bug starting to appear

4) I've sometimes have had CTD in battlescape when the weapon fires & seems to go into sound loop. Probably nothing more than just a driver or software conflict on my part rather than an actual bug.

5) Production doesn't seem to go any faster or slower regardless of the # of workers.

6) My battles seem limited to only 4 battlescapes or so - the one w/ the railroad where you start up on the hill, the farm w/ the large open pens, the snowy hamlet happens for Russia regardless of season are the most common ones

7) Ability to patrol an area w/ interceptors/transport or at least change it's direction away from danger. Right now you can stop it or reassign it's homebase but only if there's an available spot for it to go to

8) Healing in the hospital seems to take forever but you can send them on a mission & heal them by using a medkit faster.

9) I've been playing on the easiest level just to get back into the swing of things but play balance even at that level seems to be well in the Aliens favor or the difficulty setting has little to no effect. They can hit me from the far corner using the plasma pistols yet my guys couldn't hit the broadside of a barn the size of Texas w/ the barrel butting up against it not to mention their skills they start with.

I really do enjoy this version & look forward it being completed.

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