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Discussion / Re: Some gameplay questions
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:14:11 pm »
Glad to help!!!  ;D

Just keep selling alien material (but hold an "unknown" sample just in case you need it for research item trigger later). Store enough UFOs to fill a yard and sell the crashed ones. I have in my yard only 100% intact UFOs (mostly Harvesters but you need Scouts and Fighters for research) that I got from terror missions. All the others I just sell them for quick bucks. Try to do as many missions as you can, that way you will never run out of money! ;)


Discussion / Re: Some gameplay questions
« on: July 14, 2010, 07:04:24 pm »
Hey dfscott,
I am new here too playing this game for 2 months now but i think i can help on answering some of your questions. ;)

1) Press the key "~" on your keyboard. It will give you a nice console-like text and you can see there message like alien or human kills, civilian casualties and more.

2) As far as I have noticed, no.
Picking it up simply means you can use it. However, my best guess is that if you use  lets say an ammo of some sort that will not be available to sell afterwards. And if I recall correctly, when i forgot a stun rod on ground to switch for a pistol during a mission, I got that back after the mission (have to recheck though and I will come back on this post).

3) Yes.
The financial support you have is adequate to hold 4 bases on the easy level (around 900,000 credits). From that point on I just sell ufo ships and all alien equipment I collect to get the additional money I need to build more bases. And believe me, at least for the easy level they are more than enough i have 7 million credits and I have built as many radars and SAMs i could :D. So as long as you go on missions and you manage to pick up material and sell UFO's you will be fine financially and that is your goal as income. And I know that on higher difficulty levels it is even more difficult to keep the various Countries happy so you mostly depend on these missions to get money. And unfortunately the higher difficulty level the less UFOs you spot.
As for production? I strongly doubt you will have the time to produce anything for profit since the hours spent for even electromagnetic rifle's ammunition is really a LOT. Just count on selling alien equipment, but one small advice. Keep at least one of the "unknown" flagged alien items in storage because it might be needed to trigger a research item, as soon its technological step advance is available.

4) Yes.
Make another production. You will notice on left side of the panel where you can set the number units you want to produce, two BIG arrows "up" and "down". You can use those arrows to change priority of that production. The only thing you have to do is to just press the arrow "up" to make the new production first priority, you will see that turning up first on the workshop's list and that way your ufo disassembly halts! :D I was lucky that my first UFO disassembly did not have any antimatter although the popup did appear (but of course it showed 0 antimatter extracted anyway).

5) There is a button to kill alive aliens on the far bottom left corner of containment screen. I think there is no limit on the amount of dead aliens you might have but that I dont know for sure. :)

Remember the game is still under development and its not finished yet :D

Hope I helped, although I am so newby here :D Any other more experienced guy please correct me if I was wrong on something! ;)


Discussion / Say how much you love UFO AI here! :D :D
« on: July 14, 2010, 03:04:42 pm »
Hey guys! :D
Just making a small post here for all those guys that want to say a simple THANK YOU to all the developers and contributors to UFO AI. I was a huge X-COM game series fun and I just cannot describe how happy I am for this game. :D

Congratulations to all guys that contribute to make UFO AI a great game!


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