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Discussion / Starter programer C
« on: May 14, 2010, 01:54:50 am »
Hello everyone! I'm a boy of 25 years with experience "gamer" since I have 9. This year was tired of everyone telling me:
"Hey, with what you like computers that do not study?" I left school at 16 to go to work and I was afraid to return to stud, well, I bought a book of learning and I'm studying the language C. And not 100% finished but neither book can not be completed to learn without practicing much they have the book.
Well I'm going to the point:
One day looking for open source software for simple copy test and learn, I met this game inspired by the X-com that when I was between 9 and 14 years playing nonstop. So I download the open source but the codeblocks. Not the extent to which language is used c in this game, because in the code saw a file called LUA, which is a language is widely used in both commercial games open source, such as LUA language itself, only I know by references on the Internet and the compiler I use, WX-Dec C + +, how well a pack for use in the compiler. As I am learning by myself without anyone to teach me (and I like to have a mentor but I live in a village and those who know the topic for years and were hardly come by here, so you see how this case .. .), I would like to request a little help to know where I can try to get their hands and compiled by modules, as only compile all of the pull. I also talked about the corrections section, since I became a mess when I went to see them and not throw anything straight. (Weno something if, download 2GB of data that do not know what to do with them, so that delete it from my PC and I only download the version 2.3 dev.) Thank you and excuse me for my english I use a translator to do fast the post

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