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Discussion / Re: UFO:AI Technology Ideas
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:44:02 pm »
Ok, true that. I forget (yes, I am so old I played the original Ufos ;) )
Still, I would think that when one of them gets attacked or even killed, they would become more hostile and regroup.

I'm just throwing some thoughts and ideas out there.

To be honest, I was just thinking about tech we either have now or might have in the short future and the tactics being used.
Though it is never good to implement current or possible future tech into games because often enough real life progresses a lot faster and comes up with stuff quicker then you could image.
I remember a similar discussion about BattleTech and how, against todays weapons, a BattleMech would not last very long.

Though pls no computer virii to cause the mothership to explode. kthx! ;)

I'd also think that much of what we have, the aliens would have discovered long ago and would also have a large arsenal.
f.i. if we have shields, they might use telekinesis.
if they can control minds, why not use the civilians against the troops? And put a plasma bomb in their hands. 'LargeHeadedStrangeLookingFellow is great!' *boom* :D

Heck, they kidnapped so many of us, they should know how to best control and kill us.

@Rest of list
no problemo!

Thanks for reading!

Discussion / Re: UFO:AI Technology Ideas
« on: April 27, 2010, 01:50:37 pm »
Not only tech ideas:

* EMP-Grenade -> destroys electrical components (but not bio weapons)
* Mech 'suit' (think Alien and Matrix films)
*variations on current weapons
 f.i. stronger but heavier rifles
* moddable weapons
  sights, scopes, bi-/tripods, flashlights, etc.
* shields
* riot guns (to stun people and aliens)
* intercoms
* fire-support (2+ troopers in a proximity of each other firing on the same target get a bonus)

What I would also like to see is the Aliens acting more logical.
When they land they might not expect resistance but after you fire at the first, I'd expect them to spring into action and not just wonder around aimlessly.
Currently they walk around like they do not know how to use the advanced tech they probably have. i.e. intercoms
They would probably also try to escape.

If I might even go further and go a little crazy, why not start the game with Roswell?
So you start off in the 1947 and then advance through all the tech and what not.
It would also stretch out the story line a little.
Might be perfect for tutorials. i.e. tutorial 1 1947's crash at Roswell. 1957's better weapons and an aliens start kidnapping people ..., 1967 ...

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