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At first hello to all you XCOM and UFOAI fans and thx to the developers of this great game.
It's really fun playing it ... until I got to this annoying bug already posted here.

In detail: I experience exactly the same problems mfazza described above.
Today I tried to continue my saved game from yesterday, but after finishing the oncoming mission, the game reproducably crashes to desktop.
It doesn't seem to matter if you finish the mission by killing each alien or by aborting the mission (letting all your soldiers die):
by clicking on the button to continue from the listing of mission informations (how many aliens and soldiers were killed, etc) and before getting back to the geoscape (where you're usually asked what to do with the UFO wreck), the game always crashes to desktop.
So I have to finish the mission automatically (if available) or startover from an older savegame, hoping this problem wouldn't occur too soon again.

I'm playing the actual UFOAI 2.4 rc on Windows 7 SP1 (64bit), savegame and ufoconsole.log are attached.
Perhaps someone else can reproduce the crashes, but reading the above discussion, this is eventually not reproducable under other people's UFOAI installations.

Thx in advance and hoping someone can help or at least reproduce these repeating crashes

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